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[QUOTE=Wobbles08;4980582]Firstly, I want to congratulate you for finding an affective treatment for your anxiety. I would like to point out though that not all anxiety disorders are caused by a magnesium deficiency. I have been a sufferer of generalised anxiety disorder for over 10 years now, I have tried all of the natural remedies, including magnesium supplements but did not have get any relief. I think it is important to remember that mental illness is often an inherited disorder, as with my family, my mother suffers depression, my grandmother suffered an undiagnosed illness, all of my mothers siblings suffer from either depression or anxiety. Unfortunately, a diagnosed anxiety disorder is a mental illness and while for some with a milder condition natural remedies may offer relief, you would not ask a schitzophrenic or bipolar sufferer to take a vitamin to cure them. For some anxiety sufferers, depending on the diagnosis it is necessary to take an antidepressant medication to have a normal life. Please do not get me wrong, I do believe in a number of circumstances the magnesium supplement will assist. But please remember it will not cure everyone.[/QUOTE]

I'm sorry to hear this runs in your family. I hope you are doing well.

I agree that there can be many causes of anxiety. Not just a nutrition deficiency. But when you say "you would not ask a schizophrenic or bipolar sufferer to take a vitamin to cure them." Actually, maybe you should. There are many other known nutritional cures for schizophrenia. And they should all be tried.

For example, studies have found that 80 per cent of schizophrenics have essential fat deficiency because they have an overacitve enzyme called phospholipase A2 (PLA2) that breaks down fats in the brain (a normal process) too much.

I read about a placebo study using EFA supplementation with zinc, B6, B3 and vitamin C with omega-6 fats, that produced significant improvements in schizophrenic symptoms.

Also vitamin C has been shown to reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia. And that those with mental illness seem to have a need for as much as 10 times the normal requirement for vitamin C.

Also it's well established that dementia can be a classic sign of Niacin (vitamin B3) deficiency. However don't expect daily RDA of B3 to help a severe vit B3 deficiency, these patients require 100 times the RDA of B3! Look up the research of Drs Humphrey Osmond and Abram Hoffer who in 1951 ran the first megadose studies on schizophrenics, and found that even chronic schizophrenics recovered (although required years of B3 + other nutrtients). Dr Hoffer recorded 4,000 cases in his careere claiming a high success rate with nutrition therapy. It's believed that vitamin B12 and folic acid with niacin helps keep adrenalin and noradrenalin levels in balance, as adrenochrome is known to induce hallucinations.

Other recent studies have found that those with mental illness are deficient in vitamin B6 and zinc, causing pyroluria.

Guess what else can cause mental illness? Food allergies! It's now firmly established that allergies alone can produce these symptoms:

severe depression
feeling of anger with no purpose
loss of motivation
severe mental blankness

The foods found that can most produce these symptoms are wheat, milk, cane sugar, tobacco smoke and eggs.

This is just some approaches that are known to help mental illness or anxiety. Can they cure everyone? No. Some have too severe and irreversible brain dysfunction for these to help much. However, those with severe, irreversible, or genetic dysfunction are a small minority. Most probably can be helped with nutrition to significant extent.

I think that anxiety and panic attacks are SYMPTOMS of something gone wrong. It's ridiculous for Dr's to diagnose someone with 'anxiety disorder'. Anxiety is a symptom!

Just as pain is a symptom of something wrong. Anxiety and panic is a SYMPTOM of a disorder- maybe a nutrition disorder. Or a digestive disorder. Or a mental disorder. Or an emotional disorder. Or a cellular disorder.

We need the medical establishment to research more about the EXACT disorder that is causing anxiety or panic attacks so that the disorder can be cured (when the disorder condition is still reversible).
I came crashing down with depression in January. I lived with it for several months and finally decided I needed to help myself. I decided to take an all natural approach versus medication. Started to exercise (walking), eating healthy and taking a high quality all natural supplement with vitamins & minerals plus over 50 fruits, vegetables & green foods plus enzymes, mushrooms, amino acids, antioxidants, lutein & resveratrol. I have the depression under control. I'm also taking 30 drops of valerian twice a day plus L-Tyrosine. The supplement that I'm taking has B6 & taurine. I plan to purchase Magnesium Glycinate. I'm so glad that I went all natural and I'm so pleased that you did with excellent results.
Magnesium is great not only for mental health but also for muscles and plays a key role in the body. But please, I beg you…do not stop taking any medicine without checking with your doctor! Especially if you have been on meds for a long time. I know (because I am there) that often enough we get so fed up with the illness and feel that medicine doesn’t help or that it doesn’t cure us, but understand that if you take that medicine away, the mind and body will resent it and if you think it is bad now, it will get much, much worse. I believe in natural remedies because they work and there is plenty of research behind it, but again, please don’t do anything irrational without first talking to your doctor. Your life may depend on it.
New here as well and felt obligated to reply. I concede that natural foods, quality supplements and vigorous exercise can help most everyone whose been diagnosed with some kind of depression or anxiety disorder. Others are treatment resistant so a more thorough search for the root cause of the disorder must be commenced.

Magnesium Glycinate is a good source but not the only form that becomes readily absorbable. Other chelated forms work well too as an fyi. Taurine has a multitude of beneficial properties and one can use gram(s) of it each day if required. Bodybuilders have been using it for decades and it can also be good for your heart. My issue is with B6. You have to keep an eye on your daily intake through foods and supplements since anything over 200mgs/day has been shown in studies to be neuro-toxic.

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