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I came crashing down with depression in January. I lived with it for several months and finally decided I needed to help myself. I decided to take an all natural approach versus medication. Started to exercise (walking), eating healthy and taking a high quality all natural supplement with vitamins & minerals plus over 50 fruits, vegetables & green foods plus enzymes, mushrooms, amino acids, antioxidants, lutein & resveratrol. I have the depression under control. I'm also taking 30 drops of valerian twice a day plus L-Tyrosine. The supplement that I'm taking has B6 & taurine. I plan to purchase Magnesium Glycinate. I'm so glad that I went all natural and I'm so pleased that you did with excellent results.
I always recommend going with the lowest 'efficient' dose or combination. Taurine acts on Gaba which is your body's chief calming neurotransmitter. It has other health benefits including one's muscles, namely the heart and other cardiovascular components. I form of magnesium I have switched to (although pricey) is Magnesium L-Threonate which can be used moreso during the day as it is known to also support cognition and is good stuff imo. I'd begin with the glycinate and see how that works for you. As an aside, you can also make use of various herbs sporadically that are known to be excellent anxiolytics like honokiol, ashwaghanda and a component of green tea, Suntheanine (purest form of L-theanine). One good complex that contains the aforementioned is by FutureBiotics called Stress-Assist and contains your good B-Vits, Theanine and Ashwaghanda as well as some Rhodiola Rosea. Again, it's best to use these as needed. Bacopa Monnieri is a known nootropic that supports memory and cognition but is known to reduce anxiety as well.

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