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I've been diagnosed with moderate to oftentimes severe GAD for past 8 years. Started on Paxil, then Lexapro, then Pristiq. Not much help but no real side effects. Then my former psych got me on xanax 4 mg/day and everything turned wonderful for a couple of years.

I developed horrible hypersomnia. I've been to a sleep center and seen a sleep, not anxiety, doc. She told me there was nothing wrong from a sleep standpoint even though I can sleep 10 hours and day and feel totally unrefreshed.

Frustrated, I went to a new anxiety psych. I'm so tired I can't function. He was very, very kind and understanding. He hates that I've been using so much xanax chronically and suggests it is disrupting my sleep patterns and I need to get off it. He started me on cymbalta and a mild stimulant, vyvanse. The vyvanse is just to keep me alert during the day before we start the taper on the xanax.

I've taken the cymbalta for 5 days. Hell. He told me to hang in there but it's terribly hard. Each day is the same. Nausea in morning. Tired/exhausted in afternoon. Anxious evening. I fall to sleep exhausted at 9 or 10 and I wake up completely at 1 or 2 am with severe anxiety and a racing mind. I take a xanax and eventually fall back asleep, but only for an hour our so. The next day is the same.

I can say the nausea is subsiding, but the other side effects persist. I've also been reading about cymbalta and there are a lot of horror stories out there about withdrawal that scare the heck out of me and increase my anxiety. I don't know what to do or whether to trust this doctor.

Any advice? Thanks so much for reading. I need help. This is terrible. I don't wanna stop if this is somewhat normal and people have had success on this med. At the same time, I don't wanna start down another horrific path.

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