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I don't really know where else to go, I'm not sure if I'm just being silly. I just worry about everything constantly, but things that arn't normal to worry about, for instance when my mum goes out to the shops, I'll worry she'll die on the way there which is a horrible thought I know. Whenever I think of these bad things, I have to touch wood or I convince myself it's going to happen, these thoughts happen daily, and I convince myself these situations are going to happen. When I was in france I ended up crying before we went home because I convinced myself we were going to be in a crash, I don't even know how I do this. It's not just this sort of thing I get nervous about either, whenever I go out in public I think people are watching me and thinking bad things about me, if I hear someone laugh I constantly think it's about me, this makes me really bad in social situations and I become quite hostile making things even worse. What's weird is I'm not unhappy, I'm quite a happy person generally I just have these problems everyday and I get on with it.

I've never noticed any physical symptoms of anxiety, but i've always bitten my lips compulsively, it's like an addictive habit, it annoys me and I looked it up one day and saw it linked to anxiety, i never put the 2 and 2 together. I used to just bite my lips when i had a cold but now I do it everyday non-stop and I can't stop, its just addictive

When I think about I've always worried about stupid things, when I was little I used to be in constant fear that I had cancer or any other illness which would leave me worrying for days

I don't really know where else to go, does it sound like I have anxiety or something else or am I just being silly
To me it sounds like you have an obsession thinking this way. Something in the past triggered it and it soon became a habit. The only effective way to stop it and return to normal thinking is to constantly and absolutely disregard every thought that disturbs you in the way you mentioned and concentrate on something else. It will take some time to practice, but as you sure know practice makes perfect and it will also help you stop thinking this way.

The feeling of being watched in the public and people laughing about you is another issue. Here I think you have to learn to truly love and accept yourself as a human being. If you would do this than it wouldn't matter what other people were thinking about you and whether they laugh at you or not. To master this you have to say to yourself the positive affirmation: "I truly and deeply love and accept myself the way I am." Also generate the feelings of love for yourself inside your body. Realise how it feels to be loved by yourself. Best way to do this is in front of a mirror where you can look yourself in the eyes and see your reaction. This too needs practice, but after a month (maybe even a few weeks) you will feel the difference. Continue even further and you will get relief.

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