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Just wondering if anyone else feels like their heart stops, then slowly restarts. About a month ago I plopped into a chair, and I felt this funny pause feeling, put finger on neck and felt what seemed like my heart just stopped for a minute..then i felt like little beats, very faint and fast, and then a slow pounding heartbeat that then returned to normal. SCARED me to death! I was under some stress, but nothing new. Everything went downhill from there...i had that happen a few times a day for about a week..then it was random, and i seem to get them when i sit down mostly, a few times just walking around, and out in public. I also have the feeling of a lump in my throat, what I call weak left chest feeling and hot flush when these take place. What is going on?! I was diagnosed in 07' with panic and anxiety disorder...had all the tests done...thyroid, EKGS galore, and an echo, and nothing is wrong. I was on Xanax for a few years, and went off of it last year on my own, tapered, and did really well UNTIL NOW. I've read a little on heart skipping, and noticed most people get it laying down...i do not. When im laying, i feel completely fine in most ways. It's getting up and doing much of anything im struggling with. I must mention I had a severe cold and sore throat for the last two weeks, which kept me in bed most of the time. I was blaming that for my anxiety but am now better. Whats going on right now is I get up in the mind starts yapping at me right away, wondering how im going to feel, if I'll get a skip, and so on, cant shut it off. I start shaking pretty much as soon as i get up and walk, I feel soooo cold, and shaky no matter what i do. and basicly just scared. I feel like im standing and walking I straining myself and my heart...everything i do is exhursion. get lightheaded, and dont feel right at all, think im going to fall. pass out or just die. My heart just feels strain if im not sitting or laying. I feel like a space cadet, foggy headed, terrible. I have a doctors appt on monday since i panicked and called...very nervous. AND forget driving...made myself go to the store a few times thinking I have to just do it, and the second im in the car, im a wreck. I walk in the store, start trembling, throat hurts, cant breath, and I turn bright driving has stopped, and im becoming agoraphobic?? ( probably am saying that wrong) because just looking at the car makes me sick. My bp is normal 117/80, pulse 100 most of the time except when im laying. I cut off the coffee, have been coffee free for two weeks, im taking vitamins, doing breathing/relaxation far nothing is helping. I guess I want to know if anyone else had the heart palpitations, and a ton of shaking when moving. Thanks for reading my babble :)

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