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I'm not sure if one is causing the other, but either way, I have both. Dr. has me on Verapamil twice a day for bp. I'm going to counceling for the anxiety... I was started on a generic Lexapro but had a reaction to it.. My Dr had me stop taking it and has not started me on any other anti anxiety meds.. I don't know why. I think it would help me. Because of the high blood pressure, i am taking my bp readings at least twice a day. I feel anxious when it's up and fine when it's normal.. It's hit or miss even with my bp meds. I range from about 119/75 in the mornings and up to 142/90 in the evenings... I don't know if my anxiety is causing it to go up but it would seem if i was on anti anxiety meds that it would help with that.. I am aggrivated that she hasn't started me on any new meds for anxiety and i'm concerned that maybe my bp meds need adjusting.. I don't think my bp should be going that high on meds.. Anyone else in the same situation? if so, what do you do for your bp and what anxiety meds help? Should I get another dr? Should I confront her on why no anxiety meds? I kind of feel gaffed off..

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