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Hi everyone

I'm a middle-aged male with a history of GAD, OCD, Panic Disorder, ADHD, Insomnia, Hypochondria, Stress Intolerance/Adrenal Fatigue, Tourettes, Chronic Sinusitis, Allergic Rhinitis, Deviated Septum, IBS, GERD and Gastritis.

While I've listed most of my ills and ailments above, the primary reason I'm here today is to talk about my anxiety and insomnia. I've been under loads of stress for about a year and normally, when I have bouts of insomnia they last a week or two and no matter what time I go to bed, I always end up awakening too early and only getting about 5 hours (or less) of sleep and then feel exhausted and run down for the rest of the day. I usually never have trouble actually falling asleep though.

This time around however, instead of early awakening, I've been having trouble getting to sleep. Either it's anxiety or disturbing thoughts. Sometimes I'm really tired but my mind is in overdrive or my thoughts are racing and other times my body is tired but my mind is wide awake. Sometimes I'll get multiple "rushes" of anxiety that seem to be shooting through my brain or traveling around my brain and this will wake me up throughout the night. Sometimes I'll have nights where I lay down to sleep and each time I start to drift off my anxiety will wake me up again until I finally fall asleep only to be awakened many more times during the night with anxiety and then have anxiety when I finally wake up. I also have these weird anxiety attacks in the middle of the night where I can almost feel and "see" the little zaps of anxiety traveling in a circle around my brain like a shoe in a clothe's dryer (really weird and scary). Another thing I get are these really super-intense dreams where I spend hours trying to solve some very complex imaginary issue that doesn't even exist in real life and when I finally wake up I'm exhausted from all the effort I put into it.

Anyone else deal with any of this?. Can the type of anxiety and/or insomnia a person has suddenly change it's pattern so that it behaves differently?. I've had GAD and bouts of insomnia for years but can't ever remember having trouble falling asleep or having anxiety at night, in the middle of the night or early in the morning so this is kind of new and strange for me.

I'm on Ativan and sometimes take Benadryl or Atarax for sleep but lately, none of these have been helping all that much and some of the antihistamines make me feel really anxious and wacked out the next day.

Thanks for any help or input - Steve

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