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I have a history of anxiety and obsessive irrational thoughts. Th way I can describe it is how my boyfriend does. Something plants a seed in my head and it grows and grows and grows and noone can stop it until I finally get annoyed with it and cut it down.

Anyway, we moved house last Monday. In our last property we were bothered a lt by children ringing our doorbell etc. I am a young mum and was living in a new area away from family and friends. My family were harassed a lot when I was a child by a gang of teenagers and this just brought all the memories back. Every day I was anxious, I used to dread goin home and id frequently take panic attacks if I seen kids near our house.

A couple of weeks back my friends uncle offered us his house back home. It was bigger, in a nice quiet st and ha a garden, I have a one year old so this was ideal as our other flat never had any of this, I jumped at the chance but my boyfriend was unwilling for a while. This flared my anxiety up as I thought we'd end up splitting up. He eventually agreed anyway an I was so excited, but I felt it was too good to be true and something bad HAD to happen...

We moved last Monday after finding out we had to move on the Friday, we initially thought it was the following Sunday. This meant we had two days to pack our old flat up. On the Monday we moved and on the Monday night the new house was freezing. Nobody had lived in it for a while and they are older houses than the ten yr old flat we previously lived in which was always hot. I hardly slept whilst my bf lay on top of the duvet in his boxers roasting. I woke up Tuesday tired and then had work, I never ate much on Tues and was still cold. Noone else could feel it but me. On wed I not ate a croissant and a bar of chic the whole day. I was cold again at night and in the middle of the night the tv turned itself on. I never slept after that. The next day I was so freaked about the tv I was anxious all day. A couple of friends had suggested it may e a ghost and that's why I was cold too.

I don't overly believe in ghosts, but since then I've obsessed the place is haunted. I can't function properly. I found out why the tv came on itself as we'd left it on stand by which we never do and it updates at 3am. But I still can't get it out of my head its haunted. Nobody else feels cold but me. It's 30degrees on the thermometer and my arms and legs feel chilly, the old man who live here before us died in the hospital but I'm convinced his mum or dad died here and don't want me here. U have developed the same feeling of dread and anxiety I had at the old house which I never thought I'd feel. I feel so disconnected from life all I can focus on is this just now. My one year old isn't getting the attention she needs, I'm tired and not eating, I feel rundown and just want to sleep do I forget about it. I'm on a long edge of panic attack and it's ruining my life.

Please help me.
The mind plays tricks on us when we're scared. We literally perceive things that aren't real. Fear takes ahold of us and logic goes right out the window. Even when you know its irrational, you can't shake the thoughts and the fear thats accompanying it.

Try and take a step back from your situation and analyze it without bias (without fear). Realize that there is a possibility (a very high possibility IMO) that everything is your imagination playing tricks on you.

You should not be so quick to trust your perceptions when you're constantly anxious like this. The longer it goes on, the more your judgement becomes compromised and the harder it becomes to un-fixate yourself from the thing that is the source of your anxiety.

I believe the reason that you're the only one feeling cold is because you're the only one who is particularly anxious about it, and it is your imagination and your imagination alone that is causing you to have these sensations.

Personally I do not believe in ghosts - I believe in the great depth and capacity of the human imagination to sometimes let our fears override our better judgement.

I also believe that if/when you are able to acknowledge your anxiety as irrational, you will eventually see your symptoms (and perceptions) abate and fade away like a bad dream.

Best wishes!
As far as I understand you deal with negativity. This negativity penetrates you on a psychic level. Unless you have visited your psychotherapist, I would advise you to visit one. Also, you can try alternative ways. Meditation, for example, is a great practice that helps to get rid of bad thoughts. When you make your mind silent, you sort of manage to control your thoughts, and they, in their turn, are no longer able to cause you anxiety. Stay cool and zen.

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