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May 14, 2012
Hi I am after some help as I feel I am going mad. I am a 36 year old female and most of my life have suffered OCD this has been put down to several traumatic events in my childhood. About 8 years ago I fell the down the stairs and broke my arm due to checking caused by my ocd that was the point I realised I had to face my problems. I am on fluoxetine but I feel it doesnt really help. Two weeks ago I went to my Dr with a pain in my left side and I was given antibiotics but I have convinced myself I am dieing of the C or my time is ending. I have been told over the phone that I have health anxiety by Well Being but they discharged me over the phone 2 weeks later. Last week I went to the hospital twice convinced of my illness getting worse they found my white blood cells slightly high and thats it. I went back to my Dr for the check up at the end of the antibiotics as I have expressed my concerns he has arranged more detailed blood tests, stool sample and I am waiting for a scan date to look at my ovaries. I also have poly cystic ovaries and irritable bowel syndrome. Anyway the pain on my lower had gone but is replaced by an ache under my right rib cage that comes and goes, also without being too rude it kinda hurts to go to the toilet and not the urine part of me. Looking on the internet and speaking to people I can see yes maybe I do have this health anxiety but in a sense can I really be causing these symptoms of aches and pains. I also have an achey back for about a week that I dont normally suffer from. I feel I am going mad and cant stop thinking about whats wrong with me. I have no drive anymore to do anything, nothing seems to make me happy, I dont look forward to anything and am only forcing myself to eat as I dont want to loose weight and have something else to worry about. I am on a diet but its really hard because I dont as I say want to diet too much that I loose weight too quickly and give myself something else to worry about. I have trouble sleeping at nights as I am constantly worried and I am scared my little boy will suffer. I want to do something but I dont no what to do. I am really suffering cant stop crying, have no appetite or desire to eat at all and really want my life back but I dont no how. Please is there something wrong with me or do i have health and anxiety and if so what can I do to help myself. I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you

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