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Hi Guys this is my third time posting here regarding my ongoing battle with GAD.

In the past I have had 2 major episodes lasting about 2 months and 1 month respectively.

The first time I suffered a prolonged period with Anxiety I had it 24 hours a day for 2 months. I was placed on Xanax and Lexapro. It took 8 weeks for the lexapro to kick in but once it did I easily weened of the xanax and felt the best I had in years for a period of 8 months.

Shortly before the birth of my first child I had a 1 month period where My anxiety flared back up. Interestingly the symptoms were completely different. I felt intense anxiety but no shortness of breath. I increased to 15 mgs of Lexapro and within 2 weeks I was back to normal.

Which was awesome because I have the most amazing daughter and I have been able to throughly enjoy her first 5 months.

2 weeks ago I came down with a bad chest infection. My chest infection has cleared up but now Im back in the anxiety cycle. 24 hour a day pain. I have no leave left so I really need to get back to work. However this time my anxiety is manifesting itself into extreme fatigue coupled with no appetite and body tremmors.

My question is, Is it common for Lexapro to poop out after only one Year.

Do you think I should consult my doctor about moving up to 20 mgs

Or would a transition to another medication be better.

I understand these questions are specific to each individual so what im looking for is just personal experiences.

Your help here is greatly needed and much appreciated.

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