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It's been about two months now since my anxiety came back, its slowly starting to spiral out of control. I thought I was doing well...was driving after not doing it, and managed to go out once. I have Xanax but I dont want to be taking it all the time, right now I take one at night, and it does I'm pretty sure everything is anxiety related. When i wake up now, there it is waiting for me...the negative thoughts, the lump in throat, which is driving me crazy. lol The leg shakes, body shakes that used to kick in later in the day are there right away. I'm losing alot of weight because Im never hungry, and lately all i want to do is sleep, and I feel like crying constantly (think I may be getting depressed over this) If its not one symptom im focused on, its something my throat. I dont even want to talk to anyone anymore. HAD heart skips, and palps, but they are pretty much gone, thank god. I want to always be alone now, and feel so much better when I am....if i see a person i feel like my stomach drops and i hold my breath. babbling lol I've decided I think I need to get on an antidepressiant, i was fighting it..but im really not dealing well on my own. I was on Lexapro in 07' which was really great except I gained a TON of weight..over I got off of it. Managed on Xanax for three yrs alone because I tried Paxil, and it was really terrible!! Stayed on it for over a month, and it was a nightmare, also tried Zoloft....and I admit was only on it a week, but I couldnt tolerate it. Any suggestions on what I should try??? I dont even know whats out there now. My mother and sister are on Wellbutrin? Anyone have any luck with that? My Dr.s Appt is Thursday...actually looking forward to it. I still want my throat looked at because it doesnt totally go away when i take Xanax..... any advice would be great :)

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