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Let me start by saying that I've always been a worrier but I've never really had any health issues because of it. Until recently I'd only had one severe panic episode and that was about 5 years ago.

Last week my left ear got clogged. For some reason, this made me extremely nervous and I was stressed to the max. After a few days it got better and I was feeling good, for a few hours at least. Later that evening I began to feel pressure in my right ear as well and that brought back the anxiety. I flushed it out and I was feeling better but on the back burner I was worried that the feeling would return. I was in bed trying to sleep when suddenly I got this odd pain near my sternum. It was a burning sensation. I calmly breathed my way through it and it pushed its way into my stomach and I got chills. Afterward, I thought I felt ok. I tried to doze off but every time I'd get on the verge of sleep I'd get very dizzy and snap awake. I also began feeling slight numbness in my left cheek. This happened several times but I took half a Xanax and was able to sleep through the night.

About the appetite loss, I haven't eaten much since the whole thing began. It started because the pressure in my ear was worse when I chewed but now I just don't have much appetite. That might be normal.

I went to the doctor the next day. By then I was feeling tightness in my face, head and neck. He gave me a shot, turned off the lights, and made me lay there for 20 minutes. I felt almost normal. He also gave me meds for the dizziness and an anti-depressant that would help me sleep.

That was Monday and it's currently Thursday. My symptoms havent subsided though at times I feel kind of ok and sometimes the pressure is bad. The pressure is mostly on my left side and my ears still feel pressure like they're slightly clogged. I get lots of pressure between my eyes and around my nose. I'm doing my best not to worry but I've never felt this before. Is this a common problem with anxiety? Does it eventually go away?

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