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Well, it's been a few weeks since my symptoms started. It started on a Sunday night and by the following Friday, I was feeling almost normal. I went an entire week without any symptoms. My doctor had given me Visteral (25 mg) to take as needed and most days I didn't need them. Saturday night I woke up suddenly in a panic but I had a clear mind. I took 2 pills and after about an hour I was able to sleep. I slept almost all day on Sunday but when I did get up the anxiety was there. I also started my period that day. The next day wasn't as tough. Tuesday, Wednesday, and today I've been able to go all day without meds. I have fairly severe pain in my neck and shoulders but I do have bulging disks and bone spurs on my left side which is where it's most painful. My doctor thinks that that pain is caused by my tense muscles putting pressure on those injuries.

I have this new habit of tensing my jaw. Yesterday it caused throat numbness and tightness that subsided but now I'm feeling pressure in my chest, similar to gas. It feels like I need to burp but can't. The pharmacist recommended Gas-X. I took that a few hours ago but the pressure is still there. It's mildly painful but I haven't had any sharp pains at this point.

I'm wondering if my tense neck and back could be causing this? Could the rush of hormones have caused my panic? I'm normally a little irritable during but nothing like this before.

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