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Hello all,
I have been sitting here reading a lot of posts searching for another who feels Like me simo I thought I would start a conversation where we could list our symptoms and find someone to talk to who suffers just like we do... So here is my list... It's long and even strange to me...
I have: shoulder and upper back pain,
neck pain,
heavy legs,
jaw and teeth pain,
chest pain,
not eating though I'm starving,
Stomach pain ( like I did 100 sit ups)
Back pain,
Moments of energy,
Pins and needles in my left arm mostly but can get it in left leg, or feet...
I think I have every awful disease and often feel misdiagnosed if I am told I don't.
Every itch, twinge or cough sends me reeling that it is something else.
Constant fearful thought of dying, but not just me, everyone I love.
And of course panic!
When I panic I feel:
Hard heart beat ( though it never skips or stops) I just feel it hard and can hear it in both ears.
Numb left side of face and ear ringing
Clenching teeth
Closing throat or choking feeling
Burst of energy but don't want to move at all
Heart burn ( usually followed by diarrhea)
Sometimes tunnel vision
Tingling hair on my head
Feeling like I can't breath but if I make myself conscious of it I know I am actually breathing fine...
I know there is more but these are the parts that kick my butt... So how does it work for you?

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