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I have been sick because of elevated bilirubin for 5 days now, all I have had is fluids since Tuesday night up until Friday when I was able to hold down some toast. Saturday I was able to eat breakfast and a couple bananas. Thursday night as well as friday night I struggled with getting to sleep. Friday and Saturday I have had very bad headaches. My right temple is throbbing as well my forehead with my heartbeat. Are these headaches because of low blood sugar and lack of sleep after not eating or sleeping for nearly 2 days? I am scared I am dying of a brain tumor. When I went to the doctor I passed my neuro exam just fine, even though I was feeling spacey. Also, two full blood work exams have come back normal. I am stressing my mother out with my constant anxiety, and she doesn't think I need a cat scan. A family friend who is a nurse says my headache is a result of the morphine, not a brain tumor, they gave me in the ER but that was 2 days ago. These pressure headaches did not start until after they gave me the morphine. This morning I woke up and it felt like my arm was tingling and I could not control it. I am only 20, so much to live for still, but I feel like I'm losing it, PLEASE HELP ME!!!
I had the tingling arm, headache and everything, when you are sick or anxious your muscles tense up and can cause you to pinch a nerve which will or can cause constant arm tingling. Find someone to massage your upper back and the tingling and the headache should subside. My doctor told me my arm tingle was due to s rib out of place. I was convinced of a heart attack and have been putting myself through the ringer trying to ease my fears, last night I recalled my fp said I had a rib out of place so I looked it up and all symptoms were absolutely consistent with me. You don't have a tumor, your head ache is consistent with medication and lack of food and anxiety, bring anxious makes you tense and many clench their teeth. I am 32 and have had anxiety for 16 years, I can never talk myself down but I am always happy with my end results :) you don't want a cat scan if you can avoid it, it is a lot of radiation which could cause other problems later, they terrify me but I have 2 of them in 2 days because I didn't listen to my doctor who said pinched nerve and rib out of place... Now I worry that I have sent too much radiation through my head and neck (ct showed nerve and muscle spasm) and I run from the microwave when it is on... Lol sounds silly but stupid anxiety makes us do stupid things! Live life full and have so much fun!

I am not a doctor only an anxiety sufferer and I can only speak from experience not from a professional view.

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