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Medication is helpful if your condition is severe and want relief without you having to do anything to accomplish it. But in the long run it is no solution. I would suggest to start behavioral therapy and think about what could be causing theses issues. In most cases the roots to the problem lies in the childhood of one person. It is absolutely necessary to work onyourself if you ever want to stop your anxiety attacks. Other than that you might rely on th medication. But are you willing to take them for your entire life? Keep in mind that the long term effects of these drugs are not known and they very much influence your entire body starting.

Paroxetine is the "worst" anti-depressant with the shortest half-time. It has the most successful ability to be habit forming. You don't quite get addicted, but you might have rebound anxiety with symptoms you never had before. I would take something else instead. Paxil is very popular, but that doesn't mean that it is the best.

As to Xanax: it is a benzodiazepine drug and thus should be taken only for about two months. Otherwise the chances are high that you get "addicted" to it. It has a complete different way of working, but again - like Paxil - has a rather low half-life and it makes it difficult to get off it easily.

So Paxil and Xanax are almost the "worst" in their respective category.

Get some books and the topic and read as much about it as you can, before you let yourself get talked into something that can influence your life in such a huge way.

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