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I have had some level of GAD probably all my life. In the last month it has gotten worse, I always seem to have tightness in my chest esp. when I wake up in the morning. I have had some depression but the anxiety just makes me so exhausted I have no energy.

So yesterday my doctor prescribed me Fluoxetine 10mg to start. It is the generic Prozac. I took my first dose this morning a few hours ago and I do NOT feel good. I know it is doesn't work right away but I feel odd and nervous and jumpy! I don't like that. It scares me. I did drink some coffee too but I didn't finished it because I felt too "keyed" up. I feel slightly confused and "out of it" - I got alot of sleep last night too - I normally do not sleep well.

I have diabetes and I take Metformin for that. I ate and I tested my BG and it seems normal for two hours after eating (for me anyhow).

So, now I am nervous about this medicine. I don't need to feel more nervous and anxious than I already do. All I wanted was to feel relaxed and get rid of that tension in my chest.

Is this normal to feel like this after one pill? Or should I have not had that coffee?? It wasn't even a full cup and it was weak coffee.

I just accepted a new job offer yesterday and I can't blow this - I have been unemployed for a long time and finally my life is getting better. I honestly would rather deal with my anxiety than feel "sped up" like this.

Is this normal to feel odd after just one dose? I know there are a long list of side effects etc (gosh, I got nervous just reading it). Are side effects just your body adjusting to the meds? I honestly feel a bit shakey too.

Of course, I will call my doctor tomorrow to talk about this. She is hard to get a hold of.

I have had a allergic reaction to a drug before so I know to watch for swelling etc.

Any experiences that someone can help me with?

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