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Hello ..

I just signed up to post this as I don't really have anyone in real life to talk to or ask that aren't doctor's or psychologists?

Both my psychologist and my GP have diagnosed me with anxiety (no meds given, meditation, mindfulness, yoga etc prescribed from GP and psych is a great help seeing regularly). Earlier this year I had a terrible hit of sinusitis and I thought it hadn't gone away, just improved - however I have no physical signs (according to the GP) that it's still around, only a hint of a 'post viral' thing.

[B]So my question is is this all normal anxiety?[/B]
I am always dizzy/zoned out, like I am in a dream, and terrified I will faint.
I am also emetophobic (phobic of throwing up) which doesn't help.
I get sore glands and a dry throat and frontal headaches.
If I dream, they're completely crazy.
I get really tired in the afternoon, even though I have heaps of energy on waking. I yawn a lot and feel really weak.
I feel worse in social situations or when I am alone.
If I feel any strong negative emotion (sad, angry etc) I 'burn up'.. feel like my temperature is going through the roof, especially up my back.
I can't concentrate and get confused, sometimes my left eye vision goes blurry.
I forget things! Like the other day I lost my car in the car park, or totally forgot about the pasta boiling on the stove..
My shoulders, neck and upper back are pretty much always sore. (I get massage and see a chiro to help).
I get a feeling of a tight band being around my head.
My heart beats really hard.
I've also had GERD/Acid Reflux (I am on and off medication for this).
I get blocked/sore ears, sore sinuses, nasal drip.

I hate it, it is controlling my life. It's gotten to a point where I struggle going out to some places alone, or driving on freeways because I am scared I'll faint.. of course being scared I'll faint makes it even worse. I am always in a daze and every event, no matter how exciting it is or how much I want it, ends up a challenge I have to conquer.

I start working again soon after a couple of months off and I really need this to not ruin a great opportunity for me!

Light drinker, great diet, don't smoke. Wine actually makes me feel better...

I have a great GP and psychologist and totally trust them, but it would be so, so lovely to hear I am not alone....

Any replies would be so massively appreciated you have no idea :)

Am I alone?
Natalie :)

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