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Is this anxiety?
Jul 7, 2012
For the past 2 months I have been experiencing what I presumed to be anxiety. At certain times during the day I begin to feel out of touch with everything, as if my perspective has suddenly changed. A very common trigger to these feelings is observing a spacious room, however this feeling comes on frequently at any time of the day for no specific reason I can determine. Soon after experiencing this feeling, I begin to worry that I am going crazy or that at any minute I will begin to hallucinate or lose my mind (For the most part, going crazy or losing my mind are the biggest and only worries I have during these episodes). It is as if I have become overly aware of my thoughts. My mind becomes consumed with these worries and I am unable to concentrate on anything other than these thoughts. Watching TV or going out with my girlfriend often takes me out of these episodes; however the thought of being thrown back into this unfamiliar state of mind haunts me almost always. For the past 2 weeks or so these episodes have been effecting me for the majority of the day however the feeling of anxiety, in my opinion, seems to only be a result of these feelings and worries I get while being affected by these episodes. The symptoms of anxiety that I do get however are as follows: shortness of breath, perspiration of hands, feelings of being trapped in this state of mind, worry, and once and awhile insomnia. Depression is often a result of this as well.
Some physical symptoms that I assume are related to all of this is diarrhea for every bowel movement the past 2 weeks, headaches, and exhaustion. The most concerning physical symptom to me however is that I have been waking up every morning with what I can best describe as pressure in my head, a slight headache, and light headedness; these feelings subside progressively as the day goes on. Apart from these symptoms I am physically healthy, I eat very healthy for the most part, keep myself very well hydrated, and work out frequently.
I was just hoping someone on here would be able to give me an idea of what Iím dealing with and let me know if it is in fact only anxiety. Thanks
- Daniel

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