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So I'm an elite athlete and 6 months ago in February I really started having trouble sleeping - falling asleep and staying asleep. I started averaging about 5-6 hours of sleep a night which just doesnt cut it when you're training hard twice a day. I was really started to burn out and had symptoms of anxiety which can be caused by overtraining. My performance would rarely be where I'd expect it to, but I'd have moments where I was clearly still performing at a decent level, which caused me to just keep training while trying to sneak in some additional rest. So I continued to train. I'd generally feel good during the morning workouts, but more lightheaded during evening workouts, especially during lifting. I'd do about 9-10 workouts a week, 2 would be lifting the rest cardio based.

On top of this my relationship with my girlfriend became stressful in February too. Leading to an extremely stressful breakup in April. I'm still not quite over her and I see her frequently. Which makes it hard, although I've moved on significantly since then, I can't believe this is still a huge stressor - but I may be wrong. Also a week or so after this I started developing just awful belching, which seems to be getting better now, but still continues.

Shortly after breaking up, I gave up training towards the end of May. I immediately felt a lot better. I started having lots of fun, going out with friends, drinking, going on a date or 2, Just genuinely enjoying summer, although I still continued working out, though perhaps doing only 25% of what I had been, and at a lower intensity. Some things still were there, such as lightheadedness during lifting, or even during cardio, though that generally makes me feel better. I didn't let this bother me too much. I was also immediately sleeping better after stopping training.

I did start to notice by the beginning of June pressure from time to time on top of my head, or sometimes I'd just feel like my heart would stop, I chalked this up to anxiety and figured it would take a while to fade - and all the partying wasn't really giving me the rest I needed.

Anyway I went on vacation at the beginning of July for a week, none of the symptoms really bothered me at all - except for tons of belching happened. I'd say I genuinely felt great. I'm not sure if it could've been the weather - getting out of city air pollution, or just being relaxed.

However upon returning I developed tension headaches, or a mixture of that and the pressure on top of my head, which would come on starting around 1pm everyday at work. I felt fine the following weekend, then this past Sunday, as I was winding down for the evening the pressure on top of my head came on, which was weird because generally it faded in the evenings. It sometimes feels like there is a vice grip pushing the top of my head and my mouth together. It's not an overwhelming feeling, and it ebbs and flows, sometimes it's not noticeable - like while doing light cardio, or after a shower, and always less so if I keep myself busy.

Now that this headache really hasn't ended since Sunday evening, and it's a very weird numb tingly pressure on top of my head sensation I'm a bit worried. Can I still chalk this up to anxiety? I scheduled a chiropractor appointment for next Tuesday thinking that could help, and I have a doctor's appointment the day after.

The fact that I felt fine on vacation makes me think this is all anxiety - but does that sound right? Could this intense pressure in my head that has now lasted 3 days just be my body still being stressed out? I suppose I had maxed out my body physically and emotionally all pretty much at the same time - I'm not sure how long that takes to get over. Or if I should be worried this is something more serious.

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