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Thank-you for sharing your list of symptoms. I was reading all these symptoms you listed and find 90% of them describe what I'm going thru.
I have been Diagnosed with chronic depression for many years and have tried different medications with very limited success.
I just found that medication side effects made the whole situation worse for me overall.
I decided several years ago to just live with it without the use of medication.
Intense joint pain that comes and goes and moves around to different parts of my body have plagued me for several years and has been getting worse.
My Doctor diagnosed me with arthritis and put me on celebrex and then added low doses of Pain meds when that didn't help.
Lately I have been waking at night with intense feeling of dread and anxiety.
I can't lay back down or I have feeling of Panic come on and I must get up and try to take my mind off of it until I calm down.
Now I'm thinking the Joint pain I have been suffering may actually be connected to the depression and Anxiety.
It never really made sense to me how I could have intense pain that just comes and goes and moves around like it does. I had started blaming it on myself and thinking I was a being a hypochondriac.
The pain has become so bad over the last few years that I'm at the point that I don't think I can go on like this anymore.
I have very little patience anymore and I get irritated and angry very easy.
I'm frustrated because my doctor has no real answers for me other than take another pill.

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