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Re: Anxiety and OCD
Jul 27, 2012
Oh boy you two, I can relate. But please do not lose hope. Living is wonderful even if we are anxious. I am a hypochondriac as well. I have been obsessed about my health for years and I have spent so much time on the internet, people have asked me if I'm a nurse because I have so much medical knowledge. Good and bad in a way.

This is a horrible way to live to be scared all the time, but it's better to me than the alternative. I know that when I got therapy, it didn't work, because no one could keep me from feeling the thing that was the root cause. I was scared of death. I still am. I don't know how talk therapy can take that away, but Sanchez....I think you should try therapy. Maybe there is a root cause that you have that is not the same as mine and therapy can help you. I think you are going through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to some extent after the passing of your father and you are obviously internalizing his death.

I guess we can either live the rest of our lives (however long or short it is) with constant stress, anxiety and worry, or we can REALLY live our lives (however long or short it is) and find a way to shake this way of living. I'm gonna try to figure out a way to shake these horrible feelings.

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