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About 2 months ago I developed numbness in my left little finger and lower arm and hand. This then spread to my left back, neck and forehead and around the eyes. These symptoms got worse in the shower but seemed unaffected by being generally hot otherwise. I then developed dizziness and fuzzy patches in my vision. The vision problems have been there ever since and at times have also included double vision and the dizzoness is near constant although seems worse after lunch and in the evening. The numbness eventually subsided and now comes and goes but always returns in the shower.

I was recently admitted to hospital for a week after experiencing left side weakness and struggling to walk. While there I had an MRI, MRV, blood tests and a lumbar puncture which all came back normal but a bleed was found in my right eye (its my left eye suffering with most of the visual problems but also my right eye a little). Routine obs also showed I sometimes had low blood pressure and a fast heartbeat but not necessarily at the same time.

I went back to my GP for a follow up and he said since the MRI and LP didn't show anythinganything it must be anxiety. I don't feel anxious and was not aware that anxiety could cause constant vision problems. I was almost angry at him for suggesting it but I want to find out if its possible so I can treat the problem. Could it be anxiety or is it more likely a circulation problem or something?

Thanks :)

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