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Hello everyone, I started having anxiety and panic attack about a year and a half ago, I am 27 this year. When I 1st have it I was being put on Lexapro and Xanax. I was on lexapro 10mg for 6 months and it does help me get better and am no longer taking Xanax. And I stopped taking lexapro too. I know we should just got off cold turkey like that because of the withdrawal syndrome but I was feeling so good that time and I actually did stop cold turkey and I didn't have any withdrawal syndrome!

I was feeling pretty good and feeling like myself again being happy and living life for the next 6 months without having anxiety or panic attacks and wasn't on any medication.

But for the past few months I was having a little bit of panicky feelings like I would have before a full blown panic attack sets in. I also begin worrying about every small little things again. I also start taking my leftover Xanax from a year ago whenever I feel like going to have a panic attack. I don't take them often thought. I don't take them daily, I just took .25mg when I feel like a panic attack is coming. I know it is addictive and I tries not to take it too often.

And then recently the panicky feeling are getting pretty bad and I am on Xanax more often now. I finally went to my doctor again and she is putting me in lexapro again seeing that lexapro helps me in the past.

My question is. Is this anxiety and panic attacks thing recurrence? I honestly thought I was cure from it those 6 months when I am totally fine. But it seems like I'm back to square 1 again being in medication.

Also since lexapro had help me so well before this. It will have the same effects when I'm taking it again this time right? I will not react differently towards it right?

Have any of you here have your anxiety come back after not having it for months? And will we ever be cure from it? I will so very appreciate your responds and help me shed some light on my conditions. I really hate the panic attacks I'm having :(

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