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Hey Natepanda..

They differ daily, and i have some kind of symptom going 90% of the time. Here goes... :)...

-Nervous over nothing...everyday.
-Sore throat/tightness/dry (This is a newer one for me) Goes away when im up and moving and doing alot.
- Lightheaded
- Short of breath
- fast heartbeat, not too bad, im so used to it. 80-130 quite a bit.
- hot flashes...feel a pause like feeling, sometimes with a skipped heartbeat, and then a rush of heat through whole body. (Dr says the skipped beats that happen sometimes are because im 35, and it's hormones)
-shaking and trembling, my legs. Mostly in public places, or places where i used to have panic attacks like the bathroom.
-When im having a severe bout of anxiety, my mind wont stop with bad thoughts like stroke, blood clots, cancer, heart very health concerned most of the time which is what brings on these attacks. I feel every sensation in my body!
- extreme weakness, and thinking im going to pass out
- a heavy body feeling when im walking or standing...heavy chest.
-some ear popping, this is new and i havent had much. When i get used to the symptoms, something new always appears.

OK.... I've had all the tests. I've had P.D/G.A.D. since 35 now. I was on Lexapro for a few years... gained so so much weight.. it did help, BUT i had no life for those years, i remember nothing at all actually. Went off of that, no problems, and stayed on Xanax when needed until 3/11 WHEN i got a job i loved and met a man who somehow helped change me....weaned off the Xanax and was off for a year. I'm back on it...things have been very tough..death in family, loss of work again, so on and blah blah, and am struggling again. So, i have had all the tests and i am healthy....
Except I am a smoker. VERY BAD! Trying to quit, but very difficult when im an anxious wreck, and i DO know smoking makes things worse... so alot of my symptoms i do think are smoke related....the coughs, hard to breath, colds and broncitis more often than if i didnt smoke. I've been to the er so many times and everything is fine. The only thing i havent had is a stress test.

The worst is the lightheaded, foggy brained, strange dizzy eyes, and shaking. I've babbled on :)
(Blood sugar normal, blood pressure normal, oxygen normal) and as i said before.... mostly everything goes away when I take a xanax.
One more thing.... it gets VERY bad about a week and a half before period...(wont get on pill since i smoke)

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