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I have horrible posture. I had been having problems with my back hurting for about two weeks. Well, with the spot in my back that was hurting (right in between my shoulder blades), I started having outside right arm pain (occurs because of the nerves to your spine in that area). Well, then my chest wall started hurting. So, you can see... I've been thinking that a heart attack is coming at any point now. I had a horrible panic attack three days ago. My first one in over a year. My very first one was about 11 years ago. Felt like I was going to die. Was absolutely horrible.

Anyway, I have a problem, daily, with thinking I am going to die. Headache? Must be a brain tumor. Stomach ache? Must be my appendix. It always HAS to be something that can kill me. It can't ever be something simple.

Haven't been on medication. Have no insurance. So right now it's not even really an option.

I am also REALLY scared of taking medication (of any kind), and I'm afraid to try new foods, for fear that I am going to be allergic to it, and it's going to cause me some sort of allergic reaction/death/severe problem.

I'm such a mess right now. I quit smoking about 5 weeks ago, and I think this has really helped to make my anxiety worse, but I am not giving in. I do not want to smoke. I also cut out caffeine about two days ago. Have not had any caffeine today at all. Had one 12 ounce soda yesterday, and one the day before. Normally drink 2 cups of coffee in the am, soda through the day, and an energy drink EVERY night.

Any ideas? I also have a whole variety of other symptoms.

Shaking, sweating, feeling like I'm going to pass out, dizziness, stomach ache, burning feeling in the stomach, heart palpitations, the list goes on...

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