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Oh boy... this has been the most frustrating 3 months of my life! I am a 28 year old male and was in overall good health. Then it all started...

About 3 months ago I started getting some chest pains and mild stomach upset. I was concerned it could be a heart attack or some heart related issue so I went to the doctors and they found my blood pressure was WAY up. Of course, I was nervous before I even got there... I am on the anxiety boards, right?

So I went through a EKG (good) and Echocardiogram (good) but was also experiencing some fatigue and and weakness. Not weakness like I can't function but probably more muscle fatigue. Through all of this I started getting INTENSE stomach problems; burning, loss of appetite, nausea, fullness, pressure and more. I was quite anxious about this and was sent to a GI. Now this has been about 2-4 weeks and I am now moving from possible ulcer into possible stomach cancer. I got so bad that I was convinced I had stomach cancer and was often crying and feeling like it was all over. I was eating almost nothing, lost 25 pounds over 6 weeks (i was a overweight and a nervous wreck!). This of course also morphed at times between intestinal cancer, colon cancer, and I'm sure others. Went for an endoscopy; all good. This did not make the symptoms go away but felt a little better but of course still didn't believe the Drs. Started me on omeprazole for possible heartburn and thought I was getting dizzy from it. Stopped it. Long story short took about 3-6 weeks but the stomach issues finally stopped and I am eating absolutely normal. Good news! It doesn't end there...

I started experiencing "light-headedness" or being wobbly which now started to freak me out (4 weeks into it). With my fatigue and this new symptoms, I started to talk to Mr.Google about my problems. Long story short, fears of MS crept into my head and stayed for quite a long time. I would get headaches, lightheadedness, ringing in ear, and then all of a sudden buzzing in my arms and legs. It is so weird. I would wake up and felt like my arms were buzzing but it would go away. Still tired and all but the buzzing was gone... light headedness was still there. Met with a Nero and described all my symptoms. He tested me in the office with the physical tests and said "No MS, but we will run the tests anyway." MRI with or without contrast all good and clean. Of course I doubted the DR and still felt like I have something.

Light headeness continued for weeks. I was also having vision problems during that time, or at least I "thought" I was. Blurred vision, increased floaters, double vision, eye pain at times... I could go on (headaches, panic attacks). I was continuing to get more and more amped up through out this whole process, which we would probably be near week 8 or so of dealing with this.

Finally, recently (week 12+) my lightheadedness or off-balance feeling was gone. I don't have it anymore! BUT.... of course BUT I am now having muscle weakness (legs arms), muscle twitching (all over), fatigue, hands feel clumbsy and weak and have convinced myself I have ALS. Now I am constantly doing "strength tests" to see if I am losing strength and worrying over every muscle twitch, buzz, and fatigue I feel... which is quite constant. The muscle twitching started about a week ago and I can;t say I ever felt it like this before.

A little background: My mother is a VERY anxious person and is constantly telling me she went through 20 years of thinking she was dying form something and I am very much like her. Can't you tell! She keeps saying, "all these symptoms... so many are now gone, can't you see that this can be anxiety?. Logically, yes. Emotionally and mentally, right now, it's ALS.

All that being said, I am EXTREMELY scared about ALS and these twitches, buzzing, weakness and everything. Does this really sound like ALS? Am I really just a raging anxiety ball that is causing this? Help!

Sorry for it being so long. Thanks for reading!

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