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Lately I've been having breathing problems, I went to the doctors about this and they said it might've been anxiety even though I've got nothing to be worried about and I still have trouble breathing when I'm alone in my room. I'm just doubting anxiety. What happens is every so often (once every 1-3 mins) I naturally take one deep breath in then exhale. My body seems to naturally does this. Well lately half of those breaths I have to take in are being restricted so I can't completely inhale before I exhale which is very very uncomfortable. I'm not sure why some of those deep breaths are being cut short but they are, and when they are I need to wait like 40 seconds to get a full breath again. relaxes me for about another minute or two.

I feel like an electric charger, the deep breaths I take in relaxes me for 1-3 minutes until I feel the urge to take another deep breath in. And what i'm worried about now is half of those big deep breaths i need to take in are getting cut short, it won't let me breathe in all the way, I'll get 3 quarters of the way there then it will come to a halt and I will feel a tightness in the upper part of my chest. I'd then have to wait a little longer until my body lets me do a proper full deep breath in. I've actually gone to naturally yawn when I couldn't do these deep breaths and the yawn get's cut short just like the breath does. I said to my doctor I think it could be asthma but he shrugged it off and said it's unlikely to be that as I have no wheezing or coughing (even though asthma can come with that).

I just don't know what to do now, anxiety sounds so mild compared to what I'm going through now. I'm totally relaxed when it happens. It seems very physical that my lungs get tight to stop me making these deep breaths in half the time. To put it frankly whilst I was writing this I made about 7 deep breaths in, about only 3 of those were proper clear breaths that let me inhale all the way then clearly exhale. I'd just like to also add that I've also got pigeon chest which the doctors said shouldn't affect this. And I've also had a rapid heart beat but i'm currently getting that checked and it will be ages until they next see me about that.

Sorry my topic was soo long, maybe too long for the simple point I was trying to get across. I just tried to give as much info as I could.
Hi, you seem to have exactly what I have. I do this all day long and when it cuts off and I can't take the deep breath I panic. This has been driving me up the wall. So far the only diagnosis is hyperventilation and anxiety. Might be hyperventilation syndrome in which you get into a bad breathing habit and have to get back on track by retraining your breathing. I struggle with this everyday and it's very very very scary :(

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