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Thank you both for the feedback. I have not notice any pulling of the chest. I use to walk 30mins a day on my trademill and now I can't even do that without feeling faintish. I do have young kids I have to pick them up a lot. My doctor seems to not really take me serious anymore Everytime I go he just says everything is nerves. I do not have insurance at the moment and I am working on trying to get some. I can be going to my daughters cheer leading practice and my head gets full of pressure and the room sometimes looks like its moving, if I close my eyes it gets very worse. And I have been worried and looking things up, which just adds more to the worryness of it all. Google can make you go crazy when looking up things. My head gets that feeling as if it is floating or something it is very hard to describe how it is. I will update everyone once I know more going on. Does anyone know anything about celxa? He wants me to do 20mg I have not tried it yet, only the xannx. I heard some scary things. And heard AD's can cause anxiety to be worse. I know I have some anxiety, Cus I do fear things. Death etc. only because I do not wanna leave my kids. And i was very stressed before everything happened. I have had in the past felt the fainting sensations before, butit always went away so i never worried about it. Now it is almost a everday thing. But I have never felt this bad. So I think I will call around and see about another doctor looking at me. the stomach n bathroom issue is really getting to me with the bad abdonimal pains. Once Again thank you for ya'lls time :)

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