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Thanks for your response. I'm not happy you went through what you went through, but I am happy I can talk to people that have gone through similar things. The good thing is that I have insurance now. I did go to the cardiologist and it eased my mind that I didn't have anything major. I think I used to take Klonopin about 15 years ago for tremors so I am familiar of its benefits for that but didn't know it would resolve this kind of issue with the heart. Thanks for letting me know! It has been about a month and a half and I still have a little pressure in my chest and my heart feels twingy at night when going to bed. There would be nights I didn't fall asleep at all also but I can fall asleep now, I just don't sleep for long. It seems when I wake up in the morning that my heart starts taking off and I am up for the day. Still have shortness of breath once and awhile but it is better. If things remain I will definitely have to try those medications you said helped. Is there any side effects that you are feeling from them? Thanks again.

[QUOTE=Bear19067;5063253]I've had brutal anxiety attacks too. I know exactly how it feels. My last one was this past July and the situation was very similar. Long story short, I became enraged over a family issue. A few moments later, I had a full blown panic attack. There is definitely a connection between anger and anxiety attacks. But after the panic went away, my heart was pounding uncontrollably. During my other attacks, the palpitations went away, along with the panic. So I went to bed that night, hoping that a good night's rest would solve the problem. It didn't. My heart raced even more, and ended up being awake for the next eighteen hours or so. At this point, I was getting so concerned, so I finally went to the ER. The Doctor took one look at me, and knew something was terribly wrong. He listened to my heart, then immediately gave me an EKG. The test came back completely normal. He prescribed me Zoloft, 50 MG to help with the anxiety. Two days later, I went to my regular Doctor for tests, as my heart was beating so fast, I couldn't even go to work. Like yourself, I thought I was going to die. So my regular Doctor put me on Klonopin, .5 MG to work with the Zoloft. So I went home and took a Klonopin. Within one hour, my heart started to slow down and the anxiety was quickly fading away. After another hour, my heart was back to normal. Words cannot begin to express what a relief it was. I felt like my life had returned. But the combination of Zoloft and Klonopin cured the excessive heart pounding. I know it's hard for you, without insurance, but try and investigate these two meds. Hope the info helped and I wish you the best of luck![/QUOTE]

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