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Im 19 years old and I've had a rough life. But I thought everything was ok until I had what they say is a panic attack. Since then I have felt physically I'll non stop for about three months. I am dizzy. I feel like I'm going cross eyed. Extreme constant headaches. Body tremors and feels like Ants under my skin. Stiff neck an back and back tingling. Saw jaw and teeth. Blocked ears and I can hear and feel fluid running through my head and nose. Eating problems, sugar cravings, trouble sleeping. Constant fatigue. I can't work and can barely go anywhere. I was an extreme drinker for a year and was physically abused. Could I have brain damage? Can concussion symptoms last a long time?

I'm on Xanax three times a day 0.25mg but scared to take it from addiction. If I drink alcohol with Xanax help the anxiety the next day? Please help me. I feel out of body and stuck in my own head.

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