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My heart and thoughts certainly go out to you. I know exaclty how you feel. Some mornings I wake up with my head pounding and my thoughts racing and I swear that someday they are going to lock me up in an asylum. Like you, I then get scared and feel scared all day long. It's awful and can be debilitating. My best advice to you is to carry on your life as if you didn't have anxiety. Don't avoid going out in public, or avoid anything else that makes you anxious. You'll only be giving your "anxiety monster" as I call it more food. In fact, I find that when I go out and do things, I am more rested since my mind is focused on other things. It's when I totally alone and not doing anything I am anxious and scared. As far as talking to your doctor, maybe consider going on some sort of SSRI (anti depressant). In the meantime, continue to do your deep breathing exercises-they take time to work, try to get in some exercise-exercise can help you sleep better and maintain a healthy diet-all these things can really help a lot.

I started Zoloft yesterday and was always prescribed xanax to take as needed. Xanax, valium or any other sort of tranquilizers are extremely helpful with anxiety and attacks, but do not last long and have a higher rate of dependency and therefore, abuse which is why most doctors prefer an SSRI.

If you need to talk, I am here for you :)
I'm pleased to hear you have been prescribed some medication.
I hope it will help!!...
I was on Xanax for a short time and took mine at night as it helped me to get a good nights sleep.
I dont think it matters when you take it as it will work over the 24 hrs if its one tablet per day.
Good Luck,


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