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Hi jeany,

Zoloft, Sertraline and Lustral are all the same thing. But your doctor is likely to know it by the name Zoloft anyway, because American medication names are really common. But I don't think you should ask your doctor for any specific kind of medication to begin with.

I think you should go in and talk to him about how you've been feeling and how it's affecting your ability to go about your day, then he will probably prescribe you the medication he feels will work best for your specific situation.

These kinds of long term medications have different side effects and affect people in different ways. For example I started on Avanza (which is a NaSSA) that was more likely to help me sleep and give me a bigger appetite because I couldn't get to sleep at night and I was losing weight due to anxiety. But now I am on Lexapro (which is an SSRI) which increases my energy while still treating my anxiety. When I first started taking Lexapro, my first time on an SSRI, I was bouncing off the walls, infact I think anxiety attacks are listed as one of the side effects of Lexapro... I don't know about other SSRI's or how any medication will affect you personally but we know you really don't need THAT side effect :| - For me, at this point in my life, it works great, but you are not me.

So hear your doctor out and see what he says, but one thing I would definitely ask for after listening to him is something [I]like[/I] valium (once again, not necessarily valium but it is a common one so I'm using it as an example) like AnxiousNellie suggested. You're asking for a sedative. The kind of thing you only take if your anxiety is REALLY bad and only as needed because this kind of medication is addictive and will screw with your ability to say: drive a car because it'll make you really sleepy! So uhh... yeah if you get this kind of medication, take it for the first time probably over 8 hours before you need to drive anywhere just in case it works extremely well on you, if you have to take your kid to a sport or anything on Saturday maybe just arrange for someone else to give him/her a lift anyway, that way even though you'll probably be fine to drive, if you're still feeling drowsy there won't be any pressure for you to get behind the wheel.

If you're a mum I'm sure you're a busy person but while you're waiting for your appointment really try to keep yourself busy, it will help take your mind off how you're feeling. Going for a 30-40 minute walk would be good for you. While you're walking just try to only think about what you can see, hear, smell, what the weather is like etc. You'll get the good ol' endorphins going and hopefully the mindfulness will be a calming thing for you.

When I feel really bad because of anxiety one of the things that can help me chill out for a bit is the tv/movies... I just totally forget about what's around me and veg out giving my poor body and mind a bit of time to unwind. Easy for me though, I'm not a parent. - Also, this is a short term solution.. not a long term one.. watching tv/a movie is really avoiding how you're feeling and not dealing with it at all, which is extremely unhealthy in the long run, but if you have some time to spare before seeing your doctor, it might work as well for you as a short term fix as it does for me?

If you have a project or hobby you're working on dive head first into that.

If you think you can manage some meditation, definitely give it a go.

Things are going to get better for you especially once you've seen the doc. Just take it one day at a time. And always remember: You may feel absolutely terrible, but you ARE OK right now in this moment. You are not dying. I know it might sound silly that I am saying that but for me, I need to remind myself of this sometimes, especially when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

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