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I would like to start with my journey thus far. First off I've never had any major physical problems before, rarely get sick(cold) I'm 6'2 about 195 after being in the hospital for 5 days without food..was 205. Born again Christian who if you talk to people who knew would say that though I think about a lot of things and my mind races that I would be the last person they would think anything would bother me...

About 2 months ago I nearly passed out at work. It was very humid (inside) for about 3 days straight. During that time I ate like once a day and drank lots of water, but remembered not drinking anything after work. Well the 3rd day I ate some food (Chinese Restaurant), tasted good, but as soon as I came from lunch after going in and out of that work environment I felt extremely light-headed (people said I looked pale and I felt like I was going to pass out). Went to the ER and they said and I thought it was heat exhaustion (though they ruled out heat stroke). now when that happened I ensured I was hydrated from then on, now the story continues.

Tried to go back to work the next week and as soon as the humidity jumped up again in the workplace the symptoms reappeared..took about a week off. During that time if it got hot outside or inside I would get this feeling of overheating and needing to immediately cool myself off. 1 time involved submerge in cold bath tub, others were blasting air conditioner on. These symptoms lasted about 2 weeks and had an endocrinologist appointment made (all tests done beforehand were normal, blood, thyroid, glucose, ct scan of brain at ER, ekg 24 hr monitor, etc...). Worked for 2 weeks with symptoms still from heat sensitivity.

So suddenly for about 2 weeks I started finally sweating and standing the heat (thought I was getting better). Suddenly the weather changed (got colder) and all of a sudden it came back to the heat sensitivty again??? This time it was happening if it was too cold my body would heat up naturally and I would have the same feelings. (Again went to doctor, everything is normal and found out that they never put through the endocrinologist appointment!!!! :fragend005: :angry:)

This past week I had a bout of getting overheated (had went home drunk protein shake, 2 peanut butter sandwiches, and was drinking some ice cold water 32oz and more at work), later that day my stomach was hurting like crazy Got admitted to the hospital and found out I had a small bowel obstruction. Was there for about 7 days and was going to have surgery, but finally the obstruction passed and I was released. Had about 7 CT Scans throughout and doctors just observed obstruction issue and didn't mention anything wrong with any other organs (which from reading on google..*I know...I know* said possible organ tumor etc..could cause heat senstitivty, pancreas, adrenal gland, etc...)?? They said I had an infection(from high wbc) and I was prescribed two antiobiotics which I took for about a week..(side affects made me feel light headed)...The strange thing is that while I was admitted to the hospital for this obstruction I didn't get the heat sensitivty episode while there or while my parents were with me a couple days after being released, just balance issues from antiobiotics or laying in hospital bed 22 hours of the day for about 7 days?

When my parents left I felt some bouts of heat sensitivty and light headness slight headache or just not feeling body is right. throughout the rest of the week. I went back to my doctor and told her my concerns and she expressed that I have been tested soooo many times (which I haven't been to endocrinologist or neurologist, etc..) and nothings wrong that they can find. :angry: >:( :( No high blood pressure, no raise in temperature (which I checked a couple times when I recently got overheated) just I noticed my heart rate jumps up with normal blood pressure. She stated that it's probably anxiety (possibly caused by the first time I got the heat exhaustion/stroke and now every time I feel something wrong or body feels hot that I'm "freaking" out.) which I didn't quite understand since for 2 weeks I was being acclimated to the high humidity until the weather changed again..

I have been prescribed some anxiety medications (Bupropion HCL Xl which is to be taken for a long period of time) and also Lorazepam .5 mg which she said I could take when I get the feelings again to see if that 'calms" me down and that is what is causing my troubles, if it doesn't then... :angry: I haven't taken the medications. I did feel a bout overheating in my car and when it happened this time I just thought that if it's God's will that I pass out or something happen than let it..I didn't even turn the air conditioner colder than it was and just kept driving. What happen is that the bout passed by :fragend005: Also I did some walking and felt my body get overheated and just accepted that this is what happens when the temperature rises outside so I just kept walking and felt my body sweat a little.

I've looked up things to check which I haven't done. MRI for possible MS (which it seems my doctor is tired of seeing me.. :angry-smiley-034:), (waiting on Endocrinologist Appointment), follow up from bowell obstruction colonscophy appointment set-up for them to check for anything after this recent ailment. Primary doctor says that heart related issues wouldn't cause my feelings since my bp looks normal...though I haven't been checked for cholesterol or anything.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give a summary of whats' going on and any input. Feel like I"m alone in this. Just don't know is it really anxiety causing this :sprachlos020:or is something actually wrong that hasn't been found.....or should I just get a new primary doctor who is trying to find a diagnosis as much as I am?

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