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Hi there, no im no better i feel like you i keep going round in circles and not getting anywhere , im still feel really bad with my anxiety in social situations i dont think the dose is higher enough its says for anxiety on them beta blockers 160 mg but im only on 80mg but he might not put me on a high dose after last time with them sertraline , can i ask you this is your anxiety worse on a morning i know every ones diffrent but im really bad when i first get up on a morning but i feel at my best on a night , i dont feel my amtriptyline or beta blockers are doing anything to really help with my social anxiety my heart doesnt beat as fast thats about it i feel the same as you im scared it will never get better i dont know what to do next i dont go back to doctors for a month i think when i go back to see the doctor he wont be right happy when i tell him im not feel any better but i cant lie to him thats what hes there for , but thats why he put me on sertraline because they was good for social anxiety i really wanted them to work but amtriptyline are not really that good for social anxiety , but i know beta blockers can help but they not working for me i dont know why nothing works for me im so fed up dont know what to do next , keep in touch hope the doctor comes up with something for you.
Hi , lovely to here from you , been really bad this week with my anxiety feel so bad in a morning i felt so bad taking my son to school i feel like everybody knows at school all the mums that ive got anxiety i feel like they watching me all the time and i just want to get out of my sons school as fast as i can i i dont want to talk i feel that bad these beta blockers dont be helping at all , im so fed up im so scared i will never get shut of this horrible anxiety nothing seems to be helping me and its making me feel really down i wish i could just feel normal and be a normal mum anyway enough about me how are you hope you feeling better , the only thing whats good about anxiety is getting to know you and the anxiety health boards and thanks for been there for me , keep in touch .
Hi its not getting any better is it this is my 9th day off beta blockers i had to go to the doctors on wednesday i was shaking from head to toe and to make it worse they forgot about me well the nurse i was seeing didnt have any patients that afternoon so she didnt look and they had booked me in to see her so i was even worse.Im shaking like im freezing all the time.They do say that once you get to 40 your anxiety can get worse due to coming to perimenopause.I have seen that a lot of women are taking magnesium for anxiety and they are feeling better about it.I do wonder if its worth trying im going to mention it to the doctor and see what he says.I think im even shakier withdrawing from these beta blockers as well.Are you starting your christmas shopping yet how many children have you got.Mine are grown up but still live at home there 21 and 25 so i still like to get them something i used to love christmas.Write back anyway and let me know how your getting on at least its friday so you have 2 days off the school run
Hi ive been up snce half 7 im shaky my hearts beating fast and i feel bad everybody else was in bed but my husband got up at 8 which was a relief but im still shaky but like you say it will get better as the day goes on it is strange i got up panicing about things all rushing round my head wondering why i feel worse coming off my beta blockers after2 weeks i think im just getting the side effects i took my blood pressure yesterday and it was 117/101 and my pulse was 107 so ive been thinking about that all morning im supposed to take it every day but i darnt take it now so im just making that worse.God knows what my husband thinks hejust keeps saying stay calm its easy for him its me its happening to not him
HI cathy, not been good i got that feeling like i was going to collaspe and die again it was horrible , i had anxiety before but i never had that feeling until starting with beta blockers i had it once when i went on sertraline but im getting one nearly all the time dont get me wrong my hearts not beating as fast on beta blockers but im getting this feeling im going to pass out and die its horrible and i wake up feel really terrible but like ive said before i start feeling better as the day goes on im fine now still cant understand why im so bad in a morning , another thing ive notice is ive feel abit in a dream world with these beta blockers did you feel like that when you was on them ? i know everybodys diffrent , get ready i go to bed feel good a wake up feel bad a horrible scared sinking feeling and horrible negative thoughts what wont go away in the morn ,what i cant understand is beta blockers can be used for anxiety but why do i feel that scared feeling on them like im going to die and im scared of stopping in house now i never had that before it was just doing social things outside my house what was hard but know ive got that feeling im going to pass out and die and dont want to stop in house on my own , hope you will feel better soon from your withdrawl of beta blockers .
HI cathy , had a really bad day today feelings like i cant get my breath and really scared feeling im going to collaspe and die and it happend a few times at my mums house its a horrible feeling and this came on me when i started on beta blockers but i thought they was surpose to help with anxiety before i just had anxiety going to school but now i keep getting this horrible feeling like im im going to die im so scared what is wrong with me its like when i go on tablets they are making me worse but im not right without them , ive just come back from my mums i just keep getting these scary feelings that im going to pass out and die , im not sure if it is the beta blockers or amtriptyline or is it just me , im so scared , hope you feeling better? by the way ive got 2 sons my other son is 15 .
Hi seekingpeace how long was you on betablockers for and how long have you been withdrawing from them.For what reason are you coming off them is it the same reason as u that they make you feel worse.Is this magnesium to help with shakiness and the menopause i have read so many posts of people taking magesium but there is so many diffferent ones out there its hard to find the right one thats the reason im asking how do you know which one to take.Jeany when you go to the doctors you are going to have to tell him how you feel on these betablockers i know its hard as you feel he wont be happy.Thats what i used to think but my doctor wouldnt listen to me anyway thats why i plucked up the courage to change doctors and luckily this one listened to me he told me the betablocker i take atenolol they dont even perscribe it at their surgery its what works for you and obviously its not working for you.If you feel they are not helping you could you change doctors at all.It really is horrible not knowing what to do ive woke up this morning shaky and felling horrible and scared,i dont know if its perimenopausal or my withdrawl from the tablets it just dosnt seem to be getting any better hope your feeling better today jeany how many milogramme of betablocker are you on
HI cathy, if it helps i woke uo at 7 clock feel shocking a really bad sinking feel and feel so scared just feel like a zombie dont feel myself at all feel that bad its so hard to even put the washing in the machine , i cant stop in bed because i lay there worrying about myself not feel right i try to think to myself its only anxiety but it seems to over power me because i feel that bad i just feel so scared and alone my husband will say well how do you feel and i say its really hard to describe how im feeling but i know i feel scared and alone and what worrys me more everything i try like when i went on sertraline doctor said its a great ssri its really good for anxiety he did say i would feel worse before i felt better but i stuck it 3 weeks and i was getting worse on it i should have started to kick in but it made me ill , so im thinking is it anxiety , im on 75mg of amtriptyline and 80 mg of propranolol hydrochloride 80mg take amtriptyline on a night beta blocker in a morning , so i dont know if its the amtriptyline or beta blocker whats making me feel worse or its taking them together or its just me way i keep thinking , my husband says i ve told you what to do dont keep telling yourself how bad you feel tell yourself you feel great , but its really hard to do well your heads telling you diffrent , but what i stii cant understand i feel better on a night i go to bed thinking tablets are working wake up back to been bad do you still feel better later on evening time ? just cant understand why nothing working for me and it scares me that i will never get better, are you taking anything for your anxiety ? i keep looking at other people and i want to be them because i feel so bad i keep thinking why cant i be like that laughing and joking its a living hell feel this bad.
Cathy, in June of this year I began to take beta blockers because my blood pressure was 136/87. My primary doctor prescribed Metoprolol succinate XL (50 mg) my health went downhill from there. I started to get debilitating headaches, dizziness, vertigo, muscle twitches all over the body, especially the legs. I started to lose my memory. For example, I started to forget my relative’s names, the names of items so I would describe it by its function (like trying to describe a watch). My esophagus valve which is affected by BB started to leak acids to my esophagus which gave me chest pains, a cough, tooth aches, and TMJ. This has landed me in the ER three times because I thought that I was having a heart attack. My ears started to get stuffed and I developed a constant ringing in the ears. My vision got worse and worst of all; I started to feel anxiety, panic attacks and depression. It was weird that a medicine that is prescribed for anxiety would give me anxiety. The doctor changed me to Bystolic (5mg) and it got a little better but still suffered from most of the ailments. I started to do tons of research and started to cure myself along with the help of my doctor. I changed my eating habits, no more spicy foods, no citrics, no soft drinks, and started to cook myself so I could control what was added to the food. Something interesting; I noticed that most of the symptoms went away the first time I tried to stop the BB but then on the fourth day I had the worst panic attacks and my blood pressure and heart rate went through the roof. I had to take the BB again. Now that I have stopped taking the beta blockers my memory is coming back, and the eye doctor has fixed my eye. I still feel vertigo and dizziness but not so much or that often. The twitching has stopped for the most part except when I get anxiety or a panic attack. The anxiety, panic attacks and depression are still affecting me a lot to where my upper lip starts to shake uncontrollably when a panic attack is coming. I am currently not taking any anxiety medicine except for .25mg of Xanax which I take when I am at my worst. So far I’ve only taken four pills in six months. My doctor prescribed Amlodipine to help me cope with getting off of the beta blockers but even a quarter of a 5mg pill will give me the worst anxiety and I feel like I want to jump out of my skin, so I stopped taking it after the first pill. I see my doctor again in three days and will discuss taking something else because my anxiety is worse now that I am off of the beta blockers. I guess it’s my body adjusting to being without the BB. As for the magnesium, I found that most magnesiums work well except for magnesium oxide. It seems like magnesium oxide is not absorbed as well by the body as other magnesiums. I take magnesium citrate but there are more, for example; magnesium chelated with glycine and lysine, and other magnesiums that are combined with calcium, potassium, and zinc. You may want to talk to your doctor about them or even a pharmacist. I found that pharmacists are an invaluable resource for medicine questions and most are happy to talk to you and are readily available where a doctor could be days or weeks before you can talk to them. I have a backpack which I carry with me everywhere I go and have it next to me when I sleep. I carry in it my Xanax, my blood pressure monitor, Maalox, Gaviscon, and just yesterday I added the DGL for the stomach problems. I use it sort of as my safety blanket. It helps me to know that if the anxiety or panic attacks get real bad, that I can take my blood pressure and my emergency medicine right away. I guess it is my way to cope with the symptoms.

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