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Hi , been to doctors he said i shouldnt have felt that bad on sertraline i said it was stopping me sleepin as well said it should have made me sleep well i said it didnt i told him after 3 weeks i was getting worse so hes left me on Amitriptyline and i knew he would put me on beta blockers they are called propranolol hydrochloride they are half beta prograne said he put me on a low dose just take one a day but when i have read the leaflet what comes with it says with some medicines , side effects can occur when taken together with beta-prograne and half beta prograne capsules and it says a list and amitriptyline is one of them so its scared me now but the doctor knows im taking both so not sure if to take them now or not .
HI , this is only thing i do on my own is the school because my husbands at work so ive got no other choice and my mum and dad are Quite old so i dont like asking them to go to the school and i dont think nobody really understands how horrible it can be anxiety unless you have got it ,i think they think i feel abit nervous , but all the other things i do i make sure ive got someone with me like shopping or the christmas concert at school my husband puts a day off work because i would not be able to go on my own thats how bad i am im getting really worked up now knowing my child comes out of school in less than 2 hours and my anxiety levels are really high ive took my beata blocker later today to see if that helps but up to now i feel terrible what i would give not to have to have to go to that school on my own its not normal why nothing seems to be working for me and that makes me worry even more , the other mums at the school think im stuck up or somethings not right with me i wish i could just feel normal like other people ,cant you go out on your own ? i wish we could meet up but i know got to be careful what you put on here we could help each other because you live so close , this is the only way i can keep in touch with you on this health board so glad you know that you not alone i know everyones diffrent but its all down to horrible anxiety , i know its hard because you cant give too much away about ourselfs because you dont know who s reading it keep in touch and we have to keep strong .
HI , doctor put me on them for to calm me down when i was taking my son to school and picking him up said it would help with anxiety but all its done is make me have something else now , i told him i was really anxious doing social things and he said these would help ive been on them 5 weeks now but this feeling like im going to pass out only starte few weeks ago not straight away that why i was not sure if it was the beta blockers causing this , but i will have a look what people said about beta blockers , im so scared because nothings working for me and everything i try im worse now im thinking thers something really wrong with me because nothings working i feel like a lost cause.
Hi , woke up about 8 clock felt like a zombie think thats with taking amtriptyline and beta blockers then got a bad sinking feeling but tried to think postive took dog for a walk with my husband and son felt not my self but just really tried again not to think about me went to town was really busy because of that christmas market felt abit panicky but again put it out of my mind its not easy when you dont feel yourself then after town went to toys r us then on way to wakefield in car it came over me i couldnt breathe like i couldnt get my breath felt like i was going to pass out and die my heart dosnt beat fast or anything its like i cant breathe and loss touch with reality told my husband said dont be scared of it , but i said if you felt like me you would be , said do you want to go home but i said no went in toys r us and i seem to pull round after a while , but when i read some posts what you told me look on about propranolol alot says its great for panic attacks but im sure its them whats making me have a type of panic attack they should help with anxiety not make it worse ive been on them 5 weeks and these not be able to breath feeling and passing only started last week so i dont know if its the amtriptyline or the beta blockers or its me whos causing it my husband thinks its the way im thinking whats bringing it on , but its a horrible feeling i thought this is it im going to die this time i dont know whats wrong with me but i never have a good day i dont know what to do scared i will never feel right again i look at other people today thinking why am i like this fedup of feeling like this day in day out , its only at evening time when i start to feel a little better but on a morn its terrible just want to go back to myself i feel ive lost me but what i cant understand is the beta blockers stop my heart beating fast so i thought you only get panic attacks if your hearts beating fast and feel anxious , anyway i go back to see the doctor next fri so see what he thinks but its funny that you said that beta blockers made you feel like that , im fedup everything i try makes me feel worse then i start worrying that its not anxiety because tablets whats good for anxiety makes me even worse .
Hi cathy, had a horrible day had to take the dog for cutting my husband told me to get ready because we going be late or you can stop i said no way am i stopping in house feeling like this i went to bathroom and i went really dizzy again like i was going to pass out and die it was horrible then i had another one just before i set off i had to sit down it was terrible i really thought this time im going to die ,it started once when i first started sertraline and it happens a load since ive been on beta blockers i told doctor he said its not the beta blocker its me and i can stop it if you want but i will give you some advice and i dont think you having enough so he put me on 160 but i havent took it yet just took my 80 today because i got some left and put me on clompramine 50mg and i cant half it because its a capsule think thats too high woke up in night felt like i did on sertraline just out of it and not my self and felt scared felt that bad i could have phoned for a ambulance my husband keeps saying think positive its all negative but i said but you dont feel like this how can you think that when i feel that bad he said do what im telling you and you will get better its your way of thinking , have got some replys on my other post asking why i feel so bad on a morning and they feel worse on a morn and somebody put premenpause it could be you said that i still wonder if it is not sure if i should take another one of them clompramine because i felt worsere tham amtriptyline but doctor said i will feel worse at first but i hope its not going to be like i was on sertraline dont know what to do i just want me back so scared i keep thinking im going to die now its horrible and i feel like a walking zombie and i sick of feeling like this everyday look at everybody else and wish i was them .

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