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HI cathy, if it helps i woke uo at 7 clock feel shocking a really bad sinking feel and feel so scared just feel like a zombie dont feel myself at all feel that bad its so hard to even put the washing in the machine , i cant stop in bed because i lay there worrying about myself not feel right i try to think to myself its only anxiety but it seems to over power me because i feel that bad i just feel so scared and alone my husband will say well how do you feel and i say its really hard to describe how im feeling but i know i feel scared and alone and what worrys me more everything i try like when i went on sertraline doctor said its a great ssri its really good for anxiety he did say i would feel worse before i felt better but i stuck it 3 weeks and i was getting worse on it i should have started to kick in but it made me ill , so im thinking is it anxiety , im on 75mg of amtriptyline and 80 mg of propranolol hydrochloride 80mg take amtriptyline on a night beta blocker in a morning , so i dont know if its the amtriptyline or beta blocker whats making me feel worse or its taking them together or its just me way i keep thinking , my husband says i ve told you what to do dont keep telling yourself how bad you feel tell yourself you feel great , but its really hard to do well your heads telling you diffrent , but what i stii cant understand i feel better on a night i go to bed thinking tablets are working wake up back to been bad do you still feel better later on evening time ? just cant understand why nothing working for me and it scares me that i will never get better, are you taking anything for your anxiety ? i keep looking at other people and i want to be them because i feel so bad i keep thinking why cant i be like that laughing and joking its a living hell feel this bad.
Hi cathy, had a horrible day had to take the dog for cutting my husband told me to get ready because we going be late or you can stop i said no way am i stopping in house feeling like this i went to bathroom and i went really dizzy again like i was going to pass out and die it was horrible then i had another one just before i set off i had to sit down it was terrible i really thought this time im going to die ,it started once when i first started sertraline and it happens a load since ive been on beta blockers i told doctor he said its not the beta blocker its me and i can stop it if you want but i will give you some advice and i dont think you having enough so he put me on 160 but i havent took it yet just took my 80 today because i got some left and put me on clompramine 50mg and i cant half it because its a capsule think thats too high woke up in night felt like i did on sertraline just out of it and not my self and felt scared felt that bad i could have phoned for a ambulance my husband keeps saying think positive its all negative but i said but you dont feel like this how can you think that when i feel that bad he said do what im telling you and you will get better its your way of thinking , have got some replys on my other post asking why i feel so bad on a morning and they feel worse on a morn and somebody put premenpause it could be you said that i still wonder if it is not sure if i should take another one of them clompramine because i felt worsere tham amtriptyline but doctor said i will feel worse at first but i hope its not going to be like i was on sertraline dont know what to do i just want me back so scared i keep thinking im going to die now its horrible and i feel like a walking zombie and i sick of feeling like this everyday look at everybody else and wish i was them .
Hi jeany how are you.Ive been back to the doctors i went yesterday it was a woman only about 25.My appointment was 80clock she didnt come till 20 past then shouted me in when i toldher about my feet and showed her them she said t was the atenolol and tthey will take some time to get them out of my system.Then i tried to tell her about my periods and she asked if i had got nternet i said yes she wrote a website down and told me to go and check it out then said if you have a few problems you should book a double appointment,cheeky bleeder appontments are 15 minutes i was only in 8 minutes and it was her that was late.How have you been.Ive been trying to do excersises on my legs they are killing she said ive not used my legs for so long that the uscles lke start wasting so im on a mission now to get them right.What have you been doing are you feeling any better have you been out christmas shopping yet

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