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I started having anxiety about 2 years ago.. I didnt know the consequence really, but i think its much more then anxiety. I go to a physchiatrist once a month but she just prescribes me adderal which only makes everything 10 times worse.. It cuts off my circulation and makes my blood pressure go super high, and thats just off 10 mg. I get incredibly high off 30 which is what she prescribes me now which isnt normal so im scared to do it. My symptoms are more worse at night then in the morning. Sometimes when someone talks it will carry on inmy head even after theyre done talking and it makes me extremely nervous. My blood pressure will get super high at times and i can feel the blood and my pulse everywhere in my body. I always have trouble breathing and i sometimes fear i will lose my ability to walk or talk. Everything looks like im in a video game and i can only concentrate on slow moving things. My eyes are constintely rolling in the back of my head and i have no control. I fear the silliest things such as foreign noises, small spaces, repetitive sounds and loud music. If i think about something for to long i will become frightened and my whole night is scary till i sleep. I sleep a ton and i hardly ffeel any emotion besides scared. When i look at someone or something i have a sense that there is 2 of that object even when i know there isnt. Also when i look at people i will feel i dont know them even when i do.. They will seem almost mechanical. I have to repeat in my head the names of people to make sure i didnt forget. I also have extreme memory loss. Its gotten to the point where i dont remember much of the previous day. Also everything from my past feels like a dream, i always feel like that. Sometimes i will have panic attacks in my dreams and ill wake up and feel high and disoriented. When i look at myself i feel like i dont belong in my body. There was a time that i was driving down a familiar street and everything looked very unfamiliar and i forgot where i was at but i knew at the same time. I feel like im always just floating around and nobody can see me or here me . I feel like people think im completely normal but in the inside i feel as if im suffering. Theres been times where i thought i forgot how to swallow. I also will see things that arent there And not to long ago someone was whispering my name. Also something apear to be louder then they are and my ears ring. Im constinetly lightheaded and confused. I feel like i am high all the time and its seriously the scaries thing in the world. The symptoms get worse by any type of meds i use whether its advil or adderal. Ive been trying to diagnose myself but i feel im just being a hypochondriac . Anyone else have the same symptoms?

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