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Zoloft vs. Xanax
Oct 18, 2012
I've dealt with high anxiety all my life and I am finally getting it treated. After putting me on a low dosage anxiety medication, I noticed it hadn't worked and even made me feel worse. She put me on Zoloft instead. I know Zoloft can be prescribed for both anti-depressants or anxiety. I have daily panic attacks and worry about little things all the time. I feel like I can never relax. The stress levels have gotten to me and I can't control it myself. I've read up on both Xanax and Zoloft and it seems that Xanax targets my exact side effects from anxiety. I don't want to just ask for Xanax because I feel like everyone is trying to get Xanax these days, but at the same time I think it will help me more than Zoloft. How do I go from Zoloft to Xanax without sounding like I just want Xanax for recreational use?
I recently moved to a new state and my new doctor put me on zoloft because she says that xanax just covers up the anxiety, not really changing the neurotransmitters that cause it. I did NOT like zoloft at all and am about to see if I can get back on xanax. I have had anxiety my whole life as well as you, and it increased alarmingly when I hit puberty. Xanax helped me soo much. No anxiety at all, always in a better mood and didn't feel awkward or tense in social situations.
The only downside to xanax is that when you stop taking it, your anxiety is worse than before you starting taking it. (This lasts for about a week, but it is extremely uncomfortable.) Whenever you choose to stop taking it, I suggest telling your doctor first before you stop, or lowering the dosage a little bit at a time.
If I were you I would tell my doctor that you have been doing extensive research on different anxiety medications and feel that xanax might help you, and that you were wondering if it would be okay to try out for a bit. I hope that your doctor wont think that you are wanting it for recreational use, seeing as she/he knows you have anxiety.
I have been worrying my doctor might feel the same way, but zoloft was pretty expensive compared to xanax, and I really don't have the money to be experimenting with drugs when I know what works for me. Good luck and I hope that I have been helpful. :)

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