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I'm a 25 year old male that has always had social anxiety in my life. I've always been shy and had a stutter throughout my life but have never had anxiety attacks and just kinda accepted for what I am. I did have a habit of worrying too much or things tho. Recently this year I've had a few former people I used to go to high school with die at a young age. I wasn't exactly close with them and or kept contact with them and there death didn't really effect me emotionally but it was weird to me that people I used to know in high school are now dead. It made me think of death a lot the next few months and probably thought too much of it. I would always think of what if there's nothing after death and that's is just it and that thought of that just depresses me if that's how it is.

Just last month at my work place which I work out of town and stay for two weeks in and two weeks off. A young girl I work with was crying on the phone all day after finding out her grandma had just passed away. It really made me sad and made me think of death again more and of my own grandparents who are still alive. A few days later I noticed I've had trouble breathing and felt like a rubber band was on my head. I took it off maybe just being a flu but next few days it wouldn't go away and I had a lot of brain fog and my heart seemed to get jumpy and I would get starteld easily. It eventually got so bad one day that my feet/hands and under my jawline were tingling and getting palptations sometimes. I was pretty convince I was having a having a stroke or a heart attack and went to see the medic at my work and took my blood preasure and hooked me up on the ECG to check my heart and it read I had normal sinus rhythm and nothing was wrong with my heart. He said I'm hyperventilating due to anxiety and gave me a pill of ativan 0.5 to calm down and it dropped my blood preasure to normal range almost instantly and I was perfectly fine the whole day. I still finished the last week of work but everyday was a living hell and still thought I was gonna die or I was gonna lose my mind and go crazy.

I went back home for days off and made an appointment with my doctor but had to wait a week. The symptoms I had when I was out of town at work didn't effect me as bad when I was a home really except being slighty lightheaded. One night when laying in bed which is usually a time when I tend to think a lot about things, I had palpitations again. One was really bad I thought I was about to have a heart attack and die. The next few days I felt a lot tightness and discomfort in my chest and still got palpitations despite my heart rate always being in the 75-85 range and I don't ever go over 100. It usually happens when I'm in bed and sometimes when I get another bad palpitation I just layed there fully prepared to die. I have a bad habit of googling symptoms and it usually comes up with heart condition which just makes it worse.

I finally saw my doctor and he gave me blood test and ECG and they all came back normal and he said it's most likely anxiety and gave me a prescription of 10 mg cipralex and 10 pills of 0.5 klonopin. I haven't used them yet and been using holy basil pills,vitamin b c pills,and Bach drops, which haven't worked yet but still giving them a chance as it's only been a week. It's also been a week I quit drinking coke/pepsi in my diet which is something I never thought I'd do because I used to drink it a lot since I was kid. I'm back out of town at work and I still occasionaly get that preasure feeling in my head and palpitations and brain fog. I kept trying to tell myself it's only anxiety and I won't die but it goes long enough that I sometimes get convinced again I'm having health problems and about to die.

I never really been fit but not obese either and I been working out a lot this week doing cardio. I have been determined to try everything before taking the pills to return back to my normal life. Sometimes I'll feel normal and then it comes back and it just reallly frustrates me. I do realize eventually if it keeps going on I'll eventually have to take the pills the doctor prescribe me. I realize I'm still pretty young at age 25 and have my whole life ahead of me still and just really wanna get over this and continue with my life.

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