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I have suffered from health anxiety, fear of death and fear of doctors my entire life, but it has gotten to the point lately, that i have convinced myself that i am dying. Everyday it gets worse and worse. So many ppl in my family have died from cancer that i am convinced i am next. It is so bad that i have not slept at night for longer than 3 hours in months. I tend to do most od my sleeping during thw day, just incase something happens there will be someone around to help. i know that i need to see a doctor but i am TERRIFIED that they will tell me that all my anxieties were.right and that i am terminally ill. Not only that but i am afraid ro go alone, i dont have anyone who will understands what i am going through, so nobody in my life will be supportive enough to go with me... I feel like the end is near and i feel so alone. I am desperate to feel normal, i cant keep "living" like this, if you can even call this living, i cannot be the mother and wife i want/need to be. My children are suffering because their "mother" is too busy being crazy. everyday i have a new symptom that just "confirms" my thoughts of my immanent death.

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