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Wow, thanks for the reply, spungy! It came at precisely the right time.

Had what I think was a panic attack this afternoon during a time of heavy work stress.

Here's what happened:

- Chest tightness/pressure increased from its normal amount
- Left arm started to hurt and left hand started to tingle
- Jaw got tight (not really painful) and a little tingly
- Pulse increased a bit
- Got a little dizzy
- Thoughts were racing, felt like I would die right there

That lasted for about 25-30 minutes before I calmed down. Had to step away from my computer and lie down for a few.

Because I'm 23 and I've been tested pretty extensively (30-day Holter, heart echo, treadmill stress test, dozens of EKGs, blood work, tilt table, etc.), I shouldn't worry about it being a heart attack, but damn if it didn't feel like one.

My jaw is still a little sore, as is my arm, but the chest pressure is back to its normal low-grade constant.

This has happened a few times before, and it seems to be tied to whenever my girlfriend goes out of town. She left this morning for a business trip and won't be back for five days. I guess I worry I'll die while she's gone? I dunno.

Days like this always follow a good day, too. It's like a kick in the nuts, punishment for feeling right for once.

Anyway, this kind of thing pushes me toward the Lexapro more and more.

Has anyone else had an attack like this? What do you all think?

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