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I can't do this anymore! I'm so stressed mentally and physically and It's so bad that this is my 5th time leaving work after freaking out and crying infront of all my coworkers!

Here's what's been happening. And what I've done...

It all started two months ago when I had terrible terrible cramps the worst I've ever had. They kind of left me with an internal shake. I've had that internal shake for awhile.

Everytime I go to work I get dizzy spells. Where I litterally feel like i'm being shaken up and down.

My heart races and palpitates.

And for the last two months i've had a weird pain on the back of my head that is causing tingling in my head only on the right side.

My entire right side of my face feels weird and tingly and heavy.

My entire body ( mostly my legs ) spasm all day long. It feels like i'm vibrating.

I went to my doctor about this and told her I was very anxious and i'm not feeling good. ( when I thought this was all anxiety ) she prescibed me Xanax

I've been taking the Xanax and it takes the edge off but doesn't take a way the symptoms.

I went back to my doctor and said hey..these symptoms Are NOT going away. I'm doing everythign I can. I'm taking my xanax...trying to relax, setting up therapy appts. Did a stress/echo and NOTHIGN is helping.

I'm even seeing a NUCCA chiropractor....

Hoping she would do some sort of imaging study. ( MRI, CT )

No, she does a simple neurological exam on me and says it's anxiety.

I wake up like this everyday my legs start vibrating I get dizzy

and to top it off I have been forcing myself to eat becaue I'm not hungry and I've had no appetite and i'm losing weight.

So i called back and said I wanted to switch doctors because I want an imgaing study done...

But today was bad at work....basically broke down once again infront of all my coworkers ......and cried like a little baby at the age of 21...again.....they hate me ...I hate me...I'm getting really depressed and can't stop crying..I just ...feel like giving up...And they can forget about me showing up to work tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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