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Nov 3, 2012
Hello. I'm new here but I've been reading the boards for awhile now, trying to figure out what category my issues fall under. I decided on "anxiety" because yesterday my primary care dr prescribed me Lexapro. Previously he prescribed Cymbalta but I'm at risk for glaucoma so I can't take that. Anyway, I've been "sick" since March 2011. Thats when I first started feeling ill and experiencing an array of symptoms. Some of my first symptoms were labile hypertension, adrenaline rushes (for no apparent reason) that sent my heart off to the races, mad pressure and pain up the back of my neck into my head, bloodshot eyes, vertigo, lots of body pain, serious fatigue and ringing/pain/burning in ears just to name a few. After firing my first primary care dr for what seemed like a lack of concern and after lots of bloodwork, xrays, EKGs, heart monitors, ultrasounds, MRI'S and MRA's the only thing they can come up with is my vitamin D is low. I have two more detailed rounds of symptoms that I call Stage 2 and Stage 3 but I'll jump to Stage 4, which is right now. Main symptoms now are head pains and tingling, occasional weakness, tremors, occasional BAD headaches, breathlessness, blurred vision and one of the weirdest things is when I wake up from naps my body is trembling inside. It takes about a minute to stop. But when I wake up in the morning for work theres no trembling or shaking. Just normal.

The medical staff at my job (whom I'm close with and know ALL of my symptoms) suggested mold poisoning. (Because there was a mold issue where I was living and eventually moved from and one of my early symptoms was green bm's) I know that long term mold poisoning can lead to MS like symptoms and possibly MS so I'm praying this isn't my problem. But based on the last few rounds of bloodwork my doc ordered NOTHING at all points to autoimmune issues. Without coming out and saying it, he thinks I have bad anxiety. Because the only thing that ever stands out in my bloodwork and tests is low vitamin d I guess its a possibility, but I find it hard to believe anxiety can be making me feel this way. I want to give the Lexapro (he prescribed a low dose) a try because I want my quality of life back, but something in my gut is telling me there's a bigger problem. It also seems like its hell trying to get off of those drugs. Can someone - anyone- tell me what you/they think?

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