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Hello Everyone,

I have suffered with anxiety for about 10 years and prior to seeking help I managed my anxiety symptoms by self medicated with alcohol. Last year I decided to change my life and stopped drinking, however, doing so brought on a ton of anxiety and depression like symptoms. Forgetfulness, loss of focus, extremely tired, stomach issues, but thankfully never thoughts of ending my life.

Recently I have started taking Lexapro and like many of us with anxiety we FREAK OUT about taking medication. So I've started with only 5mgs at night before bed time. Please keep in mind that I"m a male and over 200 pounds. I'm not really sure this dose is right for me it's only been the 3rd day. I've also been taking it off and on with xanax to control my anxiety until lex kicks in. I only take .25mg of xanax maybe twice a day.

I would really enjoy appreciate the advise of others who also have taken Lexapro for anxiety. Below I will post my symptoms along with my first couple of days on lexapro. Please keep in mind that this symptoms are from my overly anxious mind and have been with me prior to lexapro. I don't want to scare anyone away from lexapro which is why I feel it's important to make this very clear. Any comments would be much appreciated.


1. Extremely Tired (at times)
2. Don't feel rested after sleeping (sometimes)
3. I get really excited about something then the feelings of excitement start giving me anxiety.
4. Super hypochondriac about everything (I always think something is going on somewhere in my body)
5. Easily irritated and no patience
6. Rapid Heartbeat
7. Muscle twitches and spasms tingly feelings when really anxious.
8. Dizzy at times
9. Vision issues (my eyes feel very tired and blurred again when really anxious)
10. If I feel a pain in my body I immediately start googling what it could be. (I'm sure we've all done this at some point)

Well in a nutshell that's my daily life. I want to reach out because I don't want to grab for the xanax all the time and don't know if it could become addicting with the dosage I'm taking. I have an addicting personality as mentioned above with alcohol, however, I don't take more that what my doctor tells me, at all. Should I increase my dosage of lexapro my doctor to start with 10mg but I told him I was afraid and he said starting with 5mg is better than nothing. I just don't want to be selling my self short of the benefits because of my anxiety of not wanting to take more.

Lexapro Experience:

1st day: I woke up in the middle of the night with an incredible urge to pee. After that I couldn't get back to sleep right away so I took .25 of xanax. I work up like a super hero did a ton of things I normally wouldn't do on my own and was very productive.

2nd Day: Worked really well for my sleep with no restlessness getting to sleep. Also, mustered up the energy to work out, however, I felt anxious most of the day. I got a pain in the front side of my head and immediately I started googling and reading ridiculous possibilities. I think it's just a pinched nerve because I've been having really bad neck and upper back stiffness and pain.

Please share you experience with Lexapro and how well it worked for your anxiety and how long it took before you felt a kick in effect. Also, would you recommend I just start with the recommended dosage which I believe is 10mg.

Have a great day and wish that I do too!!

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