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hi I'm a 17 year old girl who got pregnant this year in January, and had a healthy baby boy in October. my pregnancy went great no complications, besides the last few months I always felt faint and nearly fainted once, but never went to the doctors about it coz they told me I had low iron so I thought that could of been it.. besides I never really fainted just felt dizzy. anyways I had a midwife appointment in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy, everything seemed great except low iron levels, she told me I should at least boost that up for labour or they'll have to be extra careful with me in labour.. so I ate a lot of greens, but never took an actual iron tablet.. just heaps of green juice.. (I'm vegetarian by the way)

Anyways I gave birth to my son and everything seemed great.. but then few hours later they noticed I had a high heartrate , over 100 beats per min, which they said was tachyardia, they then wanted me to be hooked up to an ECG and said my heart was fine, and normal rhythm, they asked me if I felt dizzy and I felt fine! I was walking around, I felt normal, I asked to jus go home as I felt really scared and anxious in the hospital once they told me I had a high heart rate.. I was fine before that but once they said it, I felt even worse, I started feeling shakey, and they wanted me to stay over night, but I said I get really nervous easily( and always have had a mild anxiety) and just wanted to be in my own environment( home ) so I demanded I wanted to go home, and they let me go. And also just letting you guys know weeks before the actual birth I was terrified of any complications.. I would actually cry at the fact of anything possibly going wrong, and read heaps of horror stories which didn't make it any better..

So I went home that night, and still felt that fast heartbeat which kept me awake, I was so concerned about it! it became an absolute fear. I googled everything what it could possibly be and I was reading horror stories which made me fear even more! I constantly had this heart issue on my mind, I was always aware of the beat, i could feel pulses everywhere, in my stomach, head, neck, even fingers! It scared me so much, I was having trouble sleeping and it always jolted me out of my sleep, I would also wake up with cold sweats, not like any normal sweat, but actually dripping. this scared me even more, and then I think I had what was called a panic attack, I tried going to sleep one afternoon and I was having trouble breathing and it actually felt like I was not breathing at all! I got up and started garsping for air, I was so shakey and felt like I was going to stop breathing.. it then slowly went away after trying to calm myself down.. I always checked my pulse to see how fast It was going. Anyways my heart problems went on for weeks.. I then noticed it was slowly going slower and I couldn't feel it as much.. now to this day it has almost completely gone back to normal, only sometimes like in the morning it's at its highest rate ( when I first wake up ) but when I go to bed its normal again and don't feel it beating as fast and hard anymore..

But now I have other symptoms..... The one the most that has been bothering me is now my breathing.. It's like I'm constantly forcing every breathe, like I must control my breathing.. And I'm always aware of it.. It honestly sometimes feels like I'm not breathing at all so I'm taking deeper and faster breathes.. And sometimes I feel like im breathing really fast and have to breathe in to take a deep breathe.. This is constant all day up until I go to bed.. But even then it takes about an hour to go to sleep coz I'm constant tossing and turning of the awareness of my breathing.. It feels like my brain is always constant on my breathing pattern and I try to change it so it can feel normal but it dosnt, it's a constant struggle, I've had this for 2 weeks straight all day up until im sleeping.. It's so hard doing activities during the day coz this breathing is overtaking my life, I feel like I breathe even harder and faster when I get up and do things! and even when i feel relaxed and so tired I still feel like I'm struggling to breathe.. I try and do things to get my mind off my breathing but matter what I do, I'm still aware of this breathing, I'm still controlling it, even when I'm playing a game it's like my mind is like constantly set on it. I just woke up with it one morning, and couldn't breathe that whole day. I always feel like my Rib cage and stomach is tight and I'm only breathing through my chest ( shallow breathing ) I really just want to breathe automatically like I used to, and now it's like something my brain is controlling! I'm constantly getting scared of this I feel as though something is wrong.. Like how can I be totally relaxed but still struggle to breathe if it was anxiety.. I constantly cry about it everyday coz I just want to feel normal, and be happy for my son. I always talk bout it to my parents and I'm always reading about it and telling people about it like I am now to get answers, I'm Constantly looking for answers and people who go through the same thing after having a baby.. I have other symptoms like muscle twitching, this lump feeling in my throat, it's like I'm constantly trying to get it out by coughing but nothing? It feels like its blocking my air ways and I only get it when I first wake up and it usually goes after I eat or drink something.. I still get night sweats sometimes.. and sometimes I just feel so uncoordinated, like I'm out of my body and I feel so different like im not even me anymore.. I sometimes get a dry throat, I always feel like my jaw is clenched and my tounge is frozen... I feel as though my lips are not relaxed and I'm constantly needing to figgit with someething for example I'm always either twirling my hair.. Or pulling it out when I really can't breathe, I just can't relax during the day! matter how hard I try to just relax i just can't stop moving or having tensed muscles.. And in the afternoons I find that my breathing is even worse I can't even eat sometimes or drink water or I will chock coz its so bad! I can't even talk propley coz I'm struggling to get the words out coz it feels like I'm talking way to fast and cant catch my breath, and even now when I go for a walk with my son i just cant breathe at all! I'm like garsping for air it feels like I have asthma but doctors said I don't... :(does this sound like serouisly something wrong with me or is this all anxiety and stress related with being a new mum & raising a baby?

I always seem to forget easily, and not take in things being said, coz its like my mind is some where else. My mum will say something and I will have to get her to say it again. I just can't focus, I've tried doing meditation and my mind is still on my breathing, even writing all this right now I'm still aware of it.. It's like when I'm still and everything is silent I focus on it even more, but that being said I'm aware of my own breathing matter what :( its driving me crazy!!

But during my pregnancy I was put under a lot of stress, I had a lot of fights with friends, problems with the baby shower caused by a friend, boyfriend left me, had a lot of fights also with him, I had another boyfriend who seemed nice but then let me down again and lied to me, and his step mother was putting me under stress calling me names and just being nasty!! I was also trying to complete year 12 work all in one term before the baby was due, so I was given a lot of work before everyone else and was up all night doing them.. I felt as though during my pregnancy I was put under alot of stress and cried and felt angry a heap of times! But I never had any of the symptoms I've had now after birth.. does it all just catch up onto you? or could some of these symptoms be causesd by having low iron? I also have slightish purple finger nails, I've heard this is lack of circulation but I also heard its a sign of low iron..

I honestly don't know why I'm like this... Is this all really just anxiety cause the doctors don't seem to concerned with me.. But they Havnt done any major tests only the ECG, listening to my heart through a stepsoscope ( sorry if is spelt wrong) they have checked my blood pressure, my oxygen levels in blood, and lung capacity which wasn't 80% but 78% which was close enough and not concerning.. As well as a blood test showing that I'm low in iron my levels are 3 and I'm meant to be between 15-20 she didn't say I was anemic though, she said my blood was fighting it?? she said I was on the borderline being low in B-12 and low in vitamin D ??? All the other tests were normal? But shouldn't I get other tests done just incase? She hasn't said anything and dosnt seemed concern at all.. she just keeps saying anxiety, but I'm finding it hard to accept.. What do you guys think..??? Has anyone has this!? what did u do to overcome it.. Please answers would be so helpful! Sorry this is so long and if I sound like a crazy lady..

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