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All of the symptoms you are describing sound like anxiety/panic attacks. It probably started with the first rapid heart beat episode and just frightened you so much that it started anxiety and panic. Now you're stuck in a cycle of fear and worry. First, realize you are very young and just had a beautiful and healthy baby boy, congratulations. I don't think there is anything seriously wrong with you. Try telling yourself that you've felt this before and it didn't kill you so it won't this time either. Try some breathing exercises to relax yourself. Be sure that you're eating healthy and consuming enough protein even though you're a vegetarian. You might want to take a multiple vitamin with iron to build yourself up. Talk to your doctor about what's going on with you, but be careful with too many medications. Some doctors prescribe meds before trying anything else. You'll be fine, just try to relax and hug that baby boy :) Take care :angel:

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