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hello there , i am so greatful for this board i am going thru the same issues except the last 2 nights were aweful everytime i tried too get some sleep id be woken up with anxiety and night sweats and then im completely exhausted .im constantly worrying about this because i work with the public and im always afraid anxiety is gonna hit me .i have no one too turn too i suffer alone but its really starting too take over my husband was helpful in the beginning but now i think hes had enough so i dont even have him too turn too .he thinks this is all in my head and that im doing it too myself and im not i dont wanna feel this way i take the meds zoloft and klonopin and they dont seem too be helping and my dr isnt much help im beginning too think he feels im a hypocondriac and im not . i think im in perimenopause and thats triggering my anxiety and depression i was fine up untill july when my periods started going hay wire .i feel so alone i get shortness of breath and that scares me i hate being alone thinking im gonna pass out and like i said when i talk too my hubby he thinks im a nut case and said for me too go see a shrink ill do anything at this point im at thr end of my rope and dont know how much more i can take of this. im so glad i have this board .

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