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Hi everyone I haven't been on this for months.. please read and help me

For a while I was struggling really bad with my anxiety like bad panic attacks, hospital visits very often. It was just terrible I didn't take any medications because I was scared of them. And I figured I can try to conquer anxiety myself and so I beleive I did. But lately I've been suffering with these daily symptoms. Like all day I feel some weird bubbles throughput my body in my legs, arms, chest, heart area and in the side of my head and even on the side of my neck where my pulse is located they feel like bubbles when you boil water if you understand? I can Also see them when it happens. its annoying I've told my doctor but she said its my anxiety. I'm tired of hearing that. I havrnt had a panic attack for months now but I know my anxiety is still there and also when I wake up in the mornings or get woken up I get really shakyinternally especially in the cold. And When I get up for somewhere like the floor or chair or whatever I feel a lot of pressure in ky body. It's weird I noticed the other night I woke up and I felt my pulse and it seemed low and then outta nowhere It started beating fast and then after a whileI started getting shakey. Does anyone else feel what I feel.?

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