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New to lexapro
Dec 10, 2012
Hi everyone,

I've been resisting taking an SSRI for anxiety because I thought I could do it on my own using other methods but it's only gotten worse. Last week I conceeded to my Dr & social worker & decided to surrender & give the drug a chance. Up to now I have been prescribed only Xanax to use as needed and I would say my usage was half of .25 mg here & there with spikes up to a full
.25 a day at really stressfull times.

The last year has brought many changes and although I have always been a high rpm personality, In september I got really sick with a terrible inner ear infection which brought on vertigo (it's gone now) and ever since then I have had a major panic attack almost everyday. I think powering through all of it and being in survival mode for the last year has finally caught up with me and now I feel as if it's all brought me to my knees.

My symptoms are a "ghostly" panic that starts with a chill in my fingers and then quickly rushes through my body and my insides turn ice cold. After that I get racing thoughts & a sort of paralysis. My mind knows I'm okay but it seems my body is overpowering my rational thought. I don't feel depressed, I am a very active person who in engaged in life but this anxiety has put a fence up between me & my normal self. I fear the inability to conquer the anxiety will bring on depression.

I, like many I am in the stage where I'm waiting for the drug to "kick in". Dr started me on 5mg Lexapro & I had minimal side effects my first few days, just a dull headache that has gone away.

I'm on day 10 and have found that I'm having to use the Xanax (a full .25mg) more to "paste" myself together. This worries me as I got on the Lexapro to stop using the Xanax. But again I'm trying not to get wrapped up in that because I have read that it is common to need the benzo to get you through the adjustment period. I hope to be without that drug soon. As far as any other substances, I'm on Vitamin D once a week, basic allergy medication Zyrtec at night, I only use Tylenol around my period & as far as drinking, I like to have a little scotch every so often after work or a glass of wine here & there with dinner but have not had any alcohol since starting the Lexapro just to be on the safe side.

Thank you for any input to get me through these first few weeks of the drug kicking in. I also fear addiction to the Xanax but at only .25mg I don't know if I have anything to worry about. I certainly don't enjoy taking it, I'd rather not.

I decided to sign up here because of an inspiring post by sarah5432. Thank you for any positive support, I'm happy to be here. Talking about this helps so much more than isolating myself like I have the urge to do...

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